One Very Weird Commerical

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"There was no visibility and I knew we had to make a forced landing. I did Converse Casual Shoes

Airport director Colin Le Ray said the single engine private aircraft reported an incident to the east of the airfield shortly after take off.

The 4 seater aircraft crash landed into a greenhouse at a private property on Forest Road. Photo by Peter Frankland.

Following the crash, searches were carried out on the grounds before emergency services confirmed no one else was injured.

Mr Shaw has been a member of the Seething flying club, where the aircraft was registered, for 14 years.

The plane smashed into a greenhouse, and spilled debris into nearby gardens

He said the crash would probably not put him off flying, but added: "Ask me again in Converse Combat Boots Sale

Yellow Mens Converse Shoes Uk

a about a week's time."

Some nearby homes were evacuated but residents were allowed home by 9pm, and the road Converse New Shoes 2017

Pilot John Shaw and his wife Lynda walked away from the Socata TB 10 Tobago unaided, after the plane crashed just minutes after it took off from Guernsey Airport at 5pm on Tuesday.

´╗┐from a plane crashing into a greenhouse

Yellow Mens Converse Shoes Uk

Pilot John Shaw pictured shortly after the crash. Photo By Peter Frankland.

Yellow Mens Converse Shoes Uk

"A lot of damage was caused to the plane, and it's unlikely it will fly again," he added.

Yellow Mens Converse Shoes Uk

Yellow Mens Converse Shoes Uk

Mr Shaw said: "It was just about five minutes after we took off that smoke started filling the cockpit.

Yellow Mens Converse Shoes Uk

Yellow Mens Converse Shoes Uk

reopened shortly before 10.30pm. Emergency services worked late into the night to deal with a suspected fuel leak, which Yellow Mens Converse Shoes Uk could have led to an explosion.

Yellow Mens Converse Shoes Uk

They had stayed on at the end of the event to explore the area and left Guernsey Airport to return to Seething at about 5pm on Tuesday.

The couple live in Drayton, near Norwich, and Mr Shaw is a retired IT director. His wife is a part time receptionist. They have two sons, and Mr Shaw said they had been informed of the incident.

Yellow Mens Converse Shoes Uk

not have time to think whether we were going to die, or about anything else I just knew I had to try and do those things that I had been taught, to get us out of difficulty. Obviously, it was an extremely uncomfortable situation to be in. We're just glad to be alive."

Both were taken to the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Guernsey and treated for non life threatening injuries. Mr Shaw was discharged from hospital yesterday, but his wife is expected to remain in hospital for several days. No one else was injured.

He praised emergency services in Guernsey for the fast response to the incident.

The plane landed on a greenhouse, and Mr Shaw said they had made a "miraculous escape".

A neighbour said: "I just heard a loud bang. I saw it flying over and I thought it looked like an explosion.

Mr Shaw, 59, said the couple had flown from Seething airfield in south Norfolk last Friday to attend an air rally organised by the Guernsey Aero club.

"I heard the neighbours shouting and calling the emergency services."

The airport was closed for just over an hour while the Airport Fire and Rescue Service dealt with the crash. An eyewitness said they saw black smoke coming from the back of the plane which then started to tilt to the right before banking to the right quickly and crashing into the ground.

Yellow Mens Converse Shoes Uk

Yellow Mens Converse Shoes Uk

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