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Alabama's scholarship program for veterans' dependents generally requires at least 90 days of continuous active federal military service, 20 percent or more disability rating and state residency of one year before starting active duty. A child or stepchild generally must begin the program before their 26th birthday.

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"You can have basic training and get discharged . and as long as you're in 90 days, you get the minimum disability rate which is 20 percent and you joined while living in the state of Alabama, you're fine. That's difficult for me to comprehend," Stewart said.

for their scholarship programs. "I was told there is none," he said.

"To have the value of 7,326 days of active service discounted and deemed not creditable by the state that I consider my home and have raised my Wonder Woman Converse Uk Size 5 family for over 17 years prior to requesting what I believe are earned benefits is simply wrong," he said.

Stewart earlier this year wrote to Gov. Robert Bentley, state legislators and others to seek assistance. In a letter dated May 12, he received a response from Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner W. Clyde Marsh.

he enlisted in North Carolina. (Courtesy / Bill Stewart)

"Frustration and bewilderment come to mind," the deputy program manager at Document Packaging Brokers Inc. in Alabaster said about his situation.

'Frustration and bewilderment' for 20

Wonder Woman Converse Uk Size 5

While some state lawmakers sympathize with Stewart and recognize that his situation is not unique, they feel their hands are tied due to the law and their own budgetary concerns.

Wonder Woman Converse Uk Size 5

Wonder Woman Converse Uk Size 5

Wonder Woman Converse Uk Size 5

The federal GI Bill is not an option for his children due to his military retirement in 1998. Stewart also inquired about reciprocity agreements between states Converse All Star High Tops Mens

Stewart could receive benefits through North Carolina's similar scholarship program for veterans, but he would have to uproot his family and reside in that state for one year to be eligible.

Dependents'TM Scholarship Program because Converse Shoes Chuck Taylor White

"It's not based on your years of service to your country as much as I believe it should," he said.

Already, the state program's expenditures from the Education Trust Fund have ballooned from $14.3 million a decade ago to $47.8 million projected in the latest fiscal year, according to the Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs.

Wonder Woman Converse Uk Size 5

Alabama law requires a year of in state residency at the time of enlistment to qualify for the scholarship program, which pays tuition and other costs for veterans' children, stepchildren or spouse at any state supported institution.

Wonder Woman Converse Uk Size 5

information provided.

Despite living in Shelby County for the last 17 years where he has raised a family, having double the disability rating needed for the program and meeting wartime service requirements to be eligible, Stewart missed one mandate.

Wonder Woman Converse Uk Size 5

"I have reviewed your request and the Converse All Star Hi Black Cheap

Wonder Woman Converse Uk Size 5

Wonder Woman Converse Uk Size 5

ALABASTER, Alabama As Bill and Alicia Stewart's oldest son approached his 2014 graduation at Alabaster's Kingwood Christian School with plans to attend the University of Alabama, the father turned to his 20 plus years of Marine Corps service for scholarship help. Dependents' Scholarship Program couldn't assist him.

Stewart enlisted in 1978 in North Carolina after graduating high school.

Wonder Woman Converse Uk Size 5

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