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We accept that the only unstable tectonic plates we are likely to be affected by are the Labour Party ones described by John Prescott. But what about a terrorist attack like the 9/11 use of planes in the United States?

´╗┐Fukushima highlights concerns over nuclear future Express Star

West Midlands Friends of the Earth campaigner Chris Crean disagreed, saying: "The economics of nuclear power don't stack up. Taxpayers are already picking up the multi billion pound bill for dealing with the radioactive waste that's already been created, and they will have to spend billions more subsidising new nuclear power plants.

"Nuclear power is a gamble we don't need to take we can keep the lights on and tackle climate change without new reactors by investing in green energy and slashing energy waste," he said.

Support for nuclear power in Britain fell by 12 per cent in the wake of the problems at the Fukushima plant in Japan where the crisis is ongoing and Buy Converse Shoes Adelaide

He reckoned that taking a transatlantic flight would expose someone to more radiation than walking around the Fukushima site, and insisted that, in a week when 30 miners had lost their lives worldwide, nuclear was the safest form of power production.

Ladies Converse Size 6.5 Uk

"renewables" can plug the gap, and at the same time meet the UK's pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 80 per cent?

Ladies Converse Size 6.5 Uk

Ladies Converse Size 6.5 Uk

We all know how inconvenient a power failure lasting just a few hours can be, but what if it goes on for days or even weeks? A major power failure in my local town last year left small shops and businesses without electricity for two days, losing them tens of thousands of pounds in turnover and production.

Former business minister Pat McFadden concurred: "If you want to have a low carbon energy future and you also want secure supplies, where is the power going to come from if the wind stops blowing? Nuclear must be part of the mix.

Nevertheless, it was interesting to hear Professor Sir David King, the former Government chief scientific adviser, say this week that, even after the effects of the tsunami on Fukushima, "the economic, safety and carbon case for a new build programme has never been stronger".

Then what happens? Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, puts the wind up us by telling journalists on a plane to Mexico that the 10 plus nuclear reactors earmarked to take over from our ageing existing ones might never be built because of the safety fears raised by Fukushima.

Ladies Converse Size 6.5 Uk

Opponents of nuclear power will welcome such a strong statement, including the majority of Liberal Democrats who are currently desperate for anything to improve their party's popularity.

Ladies Converse Size 6.5 Uk

However, the UK's future energy needs keeping the lights on, the television, fridge, laptop and central heating working, let alone allowing industry and business to operate should transcend party politics.

"We have always said that there are two conditions for the future of nuclear power. They (the new reactors) have to be safe, and we cannot let the taxpayer be ripped off, which is what they always have been in the past,"

Mr Clegg insisted that not a penny of taxpayers' cash would be used to subsidise the proposed new generation of nuclear reactors, quietly forgetting the huge amount of our cash that is used to build monstrous turbines across our land and seascapes which don't work when the wind doesn't blow.

Only around a third of Britons now support the building of new nuclear stations, a figure which might have dropped even further following the news that traces (however minute) of radioactive iodine borne by the wind from Japan have turned up in this country.

The simple issue to consider is how our still increasing demand for energy is to be met once the 19 existing reactors are, one by one, shut down and removed from the National Grid.

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Sensible, clear sighted and in complete contrast to the Corporal Jones reaction by Angela Merkel's administration in Germany.

Tony Lane, one of Britain's top and earliest experts in the field of nuclear physics, died last month at the age of 82. During the big freeze of 1962 63 he blew up his own car by lighting a calor gas stove under the petrol tank "to unfreeze the fuel".

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If only that were true. Green energy sounds great until those turbines destroy the view that you have held dear all your life, and until you see the bill for building them.

This illustrates the fact that scientists, however eminent, are not always the most practical people in the world.

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said the DPM.

"Is there safer power than nuclear energy historically? No. Even hydroelectricity has caused more fatalities," he said.

of nuclear fusion, and worry, almost certainly unreasonably, that another Chernobyl or Three Mile Island could happen at Dungeness or Sizewell.

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will be for years to come.

Ladies Converse Size 6.5 Uk

Is anyone other than the likes of Green MP Caroline Lucas, who lives in her own fairyland, convinced that oil, gas, coal and Converse All Star Shoes Yellow

At such times we want proper political leadership to put our fears into perspective. We have been getting it from David Cameron and Energy Secretary Chris Huhne, who has ordered a safety review of our nuclear sites by Dr Mike Weightman, the chief nuclear inspector.

I'm Ladies Converse Size 6.5 Uk probably in a minority nowadays when I say I like Mr Clegg. But once again his judgement is called into question.

This concern is hardly surprising, given that few of us understand the physics Womens Converse All Star Dainty Sneaker White

"We must learn the safety lessons from Fukushima, but to write off nuclear power in the wake of the disaster would be wrong," said the Wolverhampton South East MP.

Ladies Converse Size 6.5 Uk

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