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Converse White Leather Rose Gold

"To beat David Haye you have to be game, you have to be strong and willing. It does not come down to boxing and technique and all that. I am knocking him out for sure.

However, the pair went face to face on Ringside on Thursday and, just as in the press conference earlier in the day, Fury had plenty to say about his chances against the former world champion.

"It was a bad performance. It was one of those things that did not Converse White Leather Rose Gold work out on the night, just like it won't work out for Fury on his big night.

SideshowFor the moment Haye is prepared to sit back and let Fury do the talking a far cry from his usual approach. However, Haye did describe Fury as a circus sideshow that is keeping him entertained before taking another shot at Wladimir Klitschko, who he lost to in 2011, or his brother Vitali.

"I have this guy's number for sure. People can say what they like about me I'm slow, fat, ugly, can't talk, can't punch, get put over by a cruiserweight. Well I have proved everyone wrong before.

"He says I have not been at this level before and I agree I haven't but this is my time now and I will be taking over after this fight. I would not be here if I did not believe in myself, I believe I can not only beat David Haye but do it in style and that is what I intend to do.

Converse White Leather Rose Gold

Converse White Leather Rose Gold

"I want to get into a fight with this guy. I am going to take him somewhere he has never been before. I am going to chop him up, rip his body to bits and rip his face. I am going to lean all over him.

"He says I won't be able to hit him but I beg to differ. A lot of people hit David Haye and I am going to be one of those people.

Converse White Leather Rose Gold

´╗┐Fury confident of win

Converse White Leather Rose Gold

Converse White Leather Rose Gold

"He can run but he cannot hide. He may be a sniper fighter like he said but snipers fight from a mile away. We have a 20 foot ring and that to me is in front of me. And if you are in front of Classics Converse All Star Black Low Top Canvas Sneakers

"David Converse Jack Purcell Usa

"He has not fought anyone like me: 6ft9in, 270 pounds of inside 'fightingness'. I know what it takes to fight inside."

"I don't care about giving the gameplan away," added Fury.

"I underperformed that night against Wladimir," admitted Haye.

Converse White Leather Rose Gold

"I'm taking him into deep water. He is going to unload on me and when I take it all on the gloves and arms maybe get hit in the face as well but if I go down I go down and I am getting back up. I am going to grind him down until he jacks like Carl Thompson.

me then you are in big trouble.

Converse White Leather Rose Gold

"This whole circus act is nothing new to me, I've been there before, and this is nothing new to me. He thinks he has my number. He thinks he will be able to land punches when he wants to, rough me up. He thinks he is a better athlete, a better human being. That is what having someone's number means.

"Wladimir fights like a wimp, like a little girl. He did not want to trade it with David Haye while I do. I want to fight fire with fire. If he Converse All Star 2 Grey

"But he will be getting hit with shots he cannot see and shots that he lands on his sparring partners and his other opponents won't land on me. I have watched his fights, he has not done anything so far that will work against me. Maybe he is working with his coach and his uncle on something that we have not seen yet in the ring. But if he does what he has done already then there is no way that this fight goes four to five rounds."

He added: "Wladimir has not got a patch on me and he beat Haye. I could knock Wladimir Klitschko into next week. Wlad is an easier fight for me than this guy.

"It has always been my ambition to get the fight back with Wlad and win that fight. His brother Vitali made a lot of noise of wanting to fight me but he's gone quiet since then. This guy has made a lot of noise and a lot of people want to see him get knocked out, so I am going to do that.

Former world heavyweight champion David Haye and title contender Tyson Fury will meet in a highly anticipated clash at Manchester Arena on Saturday, September 28, live on Sky Sports HD Box Office.

Haye's only chance of beating me is getting me out of there early. And to do that he has to put himself at risk. He has to ask this question what happens after the sixth round and I am still standing? I only get better and stronger after the sixth."

Converse White Leather Rose Gold

can hit me then I want to hit him back.

Converse White Leather Rose Gold

An easy fightFury was having none of it though and said Wladimir has nothing on him and would be an easier fight for him than taking on Haye.

Converse White Leather Rose Gold

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