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Converse Suede Skate Shoes

Converse Suede Skate Shoes

Converse Suede Skate Shoes

will be hard enough for her coming home so we would like to make it as simple for her as possible so that she can Converse Suede Skate Shoes settle back.

Everything is different now and I can do the things that I could do before such as play camogie or football but I can still go to matches and visit my friends but to do this without depending on my parents, I will need to get a car and have it modified. cost surrounding the purchase of a car are of course beyond the means of a student and therefore the people of Mullinavat are getting together in a bid to raise funds to help Carol out.

She has spent three months in the NRH and has gone through an enormous amount both physically and mentally during her time spent there.

Fundraising plans are well underway and John Joe Aylward, who was close to Carol when she was involved in camogie and football, is organising several events.

Converse Suede Skate Shoes

This is the first of many fundraising events to come in a bid to give Carol back her independence and to help her life to return to normal as quickly as possible.

But most importantly, Carol has learned how to drive a modified car after lessons provided by Converse All Star Blue Shiny Leather

live about 10 minute walk from Mullinavat so it is quite difficult to get around in a wheelchair. I would love to get a car as that would help me to try and get my life back to some sort of normality.

Converse Suede Skate Shoes

the team that won the 2006 minor camogie All Ireland title is nervous about what lies ahead as she comes to terms with using a wheelchair.

He has planned a fundraising night in the Rising Sun in Mullinavat on October 17 next. Local sports radio presenter and DJ, Pat Treacy will be providing the music for the evening entertainment and everyone is invited to come along and enjoy themselves while giving as generously as they can for a very good cause.

has deferred her final year in college until next year so she will have some time here. I hope she can get a car to get around as this will give her more freedom she is not the type of girl that will sit around doing nothing she will just get bored, she said.

Carol mother Christine says that she is looking forward to having Carol back home but there will need to be some changes made to the house to facilitate a wheelchair.

´╗┐Friends rally to give sportswoman Carol back her independence

The third year University of Limerick business and accountancy student was the passenger in a car that was travelling in Mullinavat on May 16 last. She had been out socialising with friends and had taken a lift home as there was no transport in the rural village.

Converse Suede Skate Shoes

Sportswoman Carol Phelan (21 ) is returning home to Mullinavat next weekend having spent three months at the National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH ) in Dublin following a serious car accident that has left her unable to walk.

Converse Suede Skate Shoes

the centre. She hopes that this will give her back the freedom and independence that she has so missed since the night of the accident.

Carol, who had been a front seat passenger, realised quickly that she was badly injured and soon after her nightmare began to unfold.

The former GAA star from Mullinavat who was a member of White Converse Shoes Womens Sale

Converse Suede Skate Shoes

Converse Suede Skate Shoes

Carol bedroom is downstairs but the bathroom will need to be modified and there Converse All Star White Cheap

Converse Suede Skate Shoes

The car was involved in a single car collision and the details of what happened next are being examined by the Gardai at present and cannot be outlined.

are other parts of the house that will need altering so that she can get around.

Converse Suede Skate Shoes

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