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The presence of invasive species wreak negative impacts on the province's economy, says Sault MPP, and Minister of Natural Resources, David Orazietti.

co funds a research chair in invasive species at Algoma University.

together will we protect and respond to the threat of invasive species effectively. research is being done on the longhorn beetle, emerald ash borer and mountain pine beetle, Orazietti said during his speech.

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Centre on Wednesday.

Provincial funding of $1.16 million will help Sault Ste. Marie based Invasive Species Research Centre and its partner agencies fund 24 Converse Sneakers Sale projects to fight plants, animals and organisms unwanted in Ontario.

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recognize the threat's real and this is one of the reasons why millions of dollars are being spent to combat these threats. successes include Transport Canada announcing last October that no new species have been introduced to the Great Lakes from ballast water of freighters Converse All Star Black Monochrome High-top Sneakers

since 2006.

´╗┐Funding fights invasive species

Sea lamprey, a parasitic lamprey that feeds on the blood of other fish, are native to Atlantic Ocean. They invaded the Great Lakes in the early 1970s and by the mid 1970s had done extensive damage to the region's native fish population.

fact is certain. No single organization can do it alone, said Smith.

The Invasive Species Research Centre is the only such agency in Canada. Sea Lamprey Control Centre, a branch of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, is also based in the Sault. Ministry of Natural Resources Converse All Star Shoes Mens

programs can be costly. mussels drain an estimated $75 to $91 million annually from the Ontario economy.

C. Tattersall Smith, a professor of forestry at University of Toronto, said the dollars are the only source of funding for the centre's work.

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The funded projects will be done throughout Ontario including Ottawa, Toronto, Thunder Bay and the Sault. They'll run 12 to 36 months. Partners include Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Natural Resources Canada and Ministry of Natural Resources.

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Converse Sneakers Sale

Converse Sneakers Sale

Sault really is an ideal place to both celebrate the diverse natural environment that we're blessed with in Ontario and also to recognize the threats that this environment has, said Smith.

don't know that there is quite the level of appreciation in the broader public toward the impact that invasives are having in our forests, in our waterways, he said during a funding announcement at Great Lakes Forestry Converse All Star Leather Boots

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an invasive species becomes established it's very difficult, if not impossible, to eradicate, said Gail Bravener, a biologist with Sea Lamprey Control Centre.

need to continue to be vigilant. We need to continue to ensure that we protect our natural resources because they're really the lifeblood of our economy. provincial money is critical, to ISRC's work, says the chair of the agency's board of directors.

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