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McReady said she repeatedly asked Perrault to leave, but the woman refused to go.


´╗┐Friends turn foes in and out of court

Converse Sneaker Boots With Buckles

were both kind of irate with Converse All Star Uk Size 5

Converse Sneaker Boots With Buckles

She said she asked him to park in his daughter driveway because she needed to be able to get in and out to pick up her spouse at work and he indicated he would just be a minute or two.

Perrault, 27, pleaded not guilty to assault causing bodily harm and unlawful entry with the intent to commit an indictable offence in connection with the Feb. 16 incident.

Wood pulled the accused off her, and Perrault walked out the side door, then ran back, the door open and came back inside, the complainant said.

Perrault said as she tried to get to the door, came and jumped on my back, knocking me to the ground. she tried to open the door, McReady again grabbed her by the hair.

She what my problem was and everything blew up, McReady said.

was outside (the door) while my head was inside with her pulling my hair. Another clump of hair came out. cross examination by Kirk, Perrault said she didn know how McReady received the injuries and insisted she hadn intentionally struck the complainant with her elbow.

A median separated the driveways of their residences, and on that day, McReady said she noticed Perrault father was parked in her spot.

Converse Sneaker Boots With Buckles

The pair struggled on the ground, and Wood said she pulled Perrault off of McReady.

About a half hour later, McReady said she was in the basement of her building with the other tenant, Tiffany Wood, having a cigarette and a coffee, when Perrault in.

The court heard the two good friends had lived next door to each other on Capp Avenue for about 18 months prior to the incident.

Converse Sneaker Boots With Buckles

Converse Sneaker Boots With Buckles

happened so fast, she said, telling the judge she believes she received the injury to her eye when Perrault elbowed Converse All Star Ox Low White Canvas Size 5

Converse Sneaker Boots With Buckles

threw a coffee cup at her. It missed her, she said, indicating everything after that is of a blur. were pushing and shoving, calling each other names, and she ended up on the floor with Perrault holding her down, she said.

A woman accused her one time best friend, who also was her next door neighbour, Thursday of elbowing her in the eye when they became embroiled in an altercation she said was sparked by a parking dispute.

each other, both were swearing, she told prosecutor David Kirk.

door came back and smashed Crystal on the forehead. Perrault took the stand, she testified she had gone to see McReady because her father had said was wrong with my friend. said McReady started yelling and calling her derogatory names when Converse Sneaker Boots With Buckles she asked is the matter with you? friend threw the mug at her, then started fists at her. As she was trying to calm her down, McReady hit her in the face, and grabbed her by the hair, she told defence lawyer Michael Bennett.

Converse Sneaker Boots With Buckles

her as she was holding the accused down by the hair.

Converse Sneaker Boots With Buckles

Converse Sneaker Boots With Buckles

After hearing testimony from the complainant and the accused, as well as a third woman who witnessed the fight, and the lawyers submissions, Ontario Court Justice Melanie Dunn reserved her decision until Oct. 29.

Converse Sneaker Boots With Buckles

was shocked. lot of yelling ensued, with the women cursing and swearing and pushing and shoving each other, she said.

After she separated the women, they grabbed each other again and that when McReady eye was injured. eye turned black. said a second altercation broke out at the door and Converse All Star Modern High Top Htm Ebay

Perrault lost clumps of hair in the struggle.

Converse Sneaker Boots With Buckles

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