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to be "subtle", so the plans would only include white bulbs.

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Converse Pink Womens

Converse Pink Womens

Town councillor Derek Killingworth said: "It has taken a long time to put the bid together but the council is now ready to submit it."

get funds for the project from Worcestershire County Council.

The council today declined to reveal the amount of the lottery fund bid in case it prejudiced the decision but said it was substantial.

Converse Pink Womens

Bewdley Town Councillor Derek Killingworth said it would be a focal point of the town and attract visitors at night. The plans have moved Converse All Star Street Sneakers For Toddlers

It will be submitted over the next two months and it is hoped a decision will be made early in the New Year.

Members of the council and Bewdley's Mayor Paul Gittins have now approved the final version of the lottery funding bid.

Bewdley Town Council has been working on the plan for months and the Heritage Lottery Converse Pink Womens Fund has already expressed an interest in the project.

Converse Pink Womens

Converse Pink Womens

The council hopes to emulate the historic Iron Bridge in Telford, which was illuminated in coloured lights on Saturday. But Councillor Killingworth said he wanted Bewdley's lights Converse Shoes Sale Australia

The 27ft wide bridge, which is a grade II listed structure, would be bathed in light and seen for long distances down the River Severn, councillors say.

´╗┐Funding bid to light Bewdley bridge over River Severn Express Star

A "substantial bid" for lottery funding is being made for the project, it was revealed today. White spotlights would be attached to the brickwork to illuminate the arches.

The town council also hopes to Buy Converse Shoes Brisbane

Converse Pink Womens

Converse Pink Womens

The three arches of the historic Bewdley bridge will be lit up from beneath under plans to create a "landmark gateway" to the town.

a step closer now the bid for lottery funds has been made.

"The bridge would look superb lit up at night it would be a landmark gateway and a real focal point."

Converse Pink Womens

Councillor Killingworth said: "The bridge is the first thing people see when they get into Bewdley and use it to cross the river and enter the town.

Converse Pink Womens

Converse Pink Womens

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