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"You can never call a fight. But looking at his past and looking at mine, you've got the makings of a really exciting battle, one that is going to see Black Converse Target

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Converse Leather Pink

Froch is reluctant to pay much attention to Kessler's form and tactics on the night and instead the champion prefers to dictate the course of the fight himself.

´╗┐Froch willing to wait for belts

"I was very gutted by Kessler's loss," he said. "I really wanted it to be a unification fight and it didn't happen, so that was disappointing to say the least.

Styles"I'm not so much concentrating on the Super Six as much as I'm concentrating on getting these fights won one at a time. And my next assignment is beating Mikkel Kessler in Denmark."

"It's then my job to cut off the ring and put him on the back foot and hammer home some big digs. Once I start hitting him, though, he might start holding.

Converse Leather Pink

Converse Leather Pink

and gloom.

"Styles make fights and the Kessler fight will make for a great fight, that's for sure," said the east midlander.

Converse Leather Pink

"I always just work on what I do best, which is my fitness, speed and elusiveness," he said. "People say I'm slow but until they get in front of me they don't realise how quick my jab is, and Converse All Star Chuck Taylor High Top Black

"I'll still get my opportunity to fight for the WBA title, as long as I keep winning and defending my belt, which is first and foremost is what I'm concentrating on.

The WBC super middleweight won his first fight in the inaugural World Super Six tournament against Andre Dirrell but Kessler, the former WBA champion, lost to Andre Ward.

a lot of leather thrown and landed between both fighters."

But with the tournament designed to eventually unite the division, Froch knows that as long as he keeps winning the belts will be his.

And Froch is under no illusions about the task facing him in Herning, despite Kessler's recent setback when he was stopped in the 11th round by the unbeaten Andre Ward.

Converse Leather Pink

"You Converse Leather Pink never know what he's going to bring to the table. He might opt to jab, move and keep out of my way and put on a bit of a boxing match.

Converse Leather Pink

it comes from outside their line of vision.

"I always just sharpen my tools and fine tune what I do best when I'm fighting. I don't really worry too much about my opponent, although I can acknowledge and recognise Mikkel Kessler is a tough fighter, very experienced and he means business. He doesn't turn up just to roll over, he turns up to win the fight.

"The WBA belt is still tied up in the tournament though, so it's not all doom Converse All Star Ox Leather Infant

Converse Leather Pink

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