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Officer in Charge of the Proceeds of Crime Section, then OIC of Operations for the Codiac Regional RCMP. In 2005, he was promoted to Superintendent and became the OIC, Codiac Regional RCMP. After three years in this position, he was promoted to Chief Superintendent and transferred to RCMP Headquarters where he served as Director General in the Drugs and Organized Crime Branches. In 2009, he returned to New Brunswick as Officer in Charge, Division Criminal Operations.

He was commissioned in 2000 and took the helm of the Commercial Crime Section in Montreal. In the wake of 9/11, he was put in charge of national security investigations within the Montreal integrated team. He was then named commander of the Integrated Technological Crime Unit, and subsequently promoted to the position of Assistant Criminal Operations Officer, in Division Financial Integrity Program.

Assistant Commissioner Steve White, currently Director General, Financial Crime at National Headquarters, is being appointed Commanding Officer Division.

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Please join me in congratulating Fran Antoine, Todd and Mark on their promotions and wishing each of them and Steve all the best as they take on their important new responsibilities.

Stephen has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Administration. He is married to Marie Claude and they have one son who is attending University of Ottawa.

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Chief Superintendent Todd G. Shean, Director General, Financial Crime

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In 2007, Fran Desch became the Criminal Operations Officer in Division.

Chief Superintendent Antoine Babinsky, OIC RCMP Technical Operations

I am pleased to announce further changes to the RCMP Senior Management Team, which address vacancies due to retirements and previously announced appointments:

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Promoted to Inspector in 2001, Todd Shean became Cheap Converse All Star Ox

´╗┐Further changes to the RCMP's Senior Management Team

the RCMP Liaison Offices in 25 countries. He has also been responsible for the Integrated Proceeds of Crime, Money Laundering and Integrated Market Enforcement Programs.

Originally from the Quebec City area, Chief Superintendent Desch is married with two children. He obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1997.

With these and other recently announced appointments, I believe the RCMP is very well positioned to meet our many challenges and to move forward in our continuing efforts to bring about positive change in the Force. I count on each of you to assist in this effort and thank you for your ongoing contributions.

Chief Superintendent Fran Desch Commanding Officer, Division

A/Comm White was appointed Director General of Financial Crime for the RCMP in May 2008. In this capacity he was responsible for overseeing and providing national leadership to all Converse Ladies Sneakers Uk

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C/Supt. Babinsky joined the RCMP in 1982, spent the early years of his career as a front police officer in various areas including special operations, commercial crime, drug enforcement, and proceeds of crime. In 2001, he was commissioned and became the Officer in Charge of Special "O" in "C" Division. In 2003, he was appointed the Regional Informatics Officer for the RCMP Central Region where he was responsible for managing and providing direction to the RCMP's Informatics program in the areas of information technology, information management and operational support. In 2006, C/Supt. Babinsky was appointed as Director General, Systems Operations in the CIO Sector. Executive /Officer Development and Resourcing.

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Stephen White joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1986 and has many years investigational experience in federal policing and financial crime. His duties have included a five year assignment as the RCMP Liaison Officer in Venezuela, responsible for facilitating law enforcement activity between Canada and 10 countries throughout the southern Caribbean Converse Ladies Fashion and South America; Director of Interpol Ottawa, responsible for the Interpol National Central Bureau in Canada; Director of the RCMP International Operations Branch, responsible for overseeing the operation of Converse For Men All Star

Fran Desch joined the Force in 1982, and spent the bulk of his career as an investigator in Ontario and Quebec, where he worked in economic crime, customs and internal investigations. He was also a staff relations sub representative for a few years.

of the RCMP Financial Crime Programs.

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Superintendent Mark Fleming, is being promoted to the rank of Chief Superintendent and will take on responsibilities as Deputy Criminal Operations Officer (Federal) Division.

C/Supt. Babinsky has a degree in Human Science from Coll de Rosemont and a certificate in Police Management from the Universit du Qu Trois

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