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´╗┐future battle in Phoenix Nationwide race

"I want to be careful not to take any digs on him, because I've been a fan watching from afar," he said. "I saw a lot of great things out of him in the race car today and I think he's going to be a big talent going forward."

Johnson, making a rare Nationwide start to help him learn more about the track for Sunday's Sprint Cup Series race, said Larson was a "great talent" but was partially frustrated by their on track exchanges.

"When I'd finally get by him and catch the guys in front of me and start racing them, he'd get position on me and I couldn't advance as a result," Johnson said. "So half of it was fun and the other half was annoying."

While Kyle Busch was cruising to another win the 52nd in his career Johnson and Larson battled Converse All Star Dainty Ox White

Johnson said he was impressed with the 20 year old driver nonetheless.

Converse Kids Shoe

Converse Kids Shoe

for a decidedly unimportant 12th place position. But their back and forth represented the first time the two had ever raced together, and in some ways it was a race between NASCAR's present and its future.

"It's cool to get to race with those guys because you learn a lot," he said. ". He probably got frustrated racing with me at the end, but I was having a blast. We were swapping positions a lot. I learned how to kind of take the air away from him, and he'd do the same thing to me and get back by."

"I hope he thought it was fun, but probably Converse All Star Womens Sports Direct

Converse Kids Shoe

Converse Kids Shoe

Larson, who has been touted as NASCAR's next great driver, said he wasn't quite sure how Johnson felt about their battle.

But Converse Rose Pink

Converse Kids Shoe

Converse Kids Shoe

Larson's second career Nationwide Series start ended much better than his first, even though the 13th place result was the same in both races. At Daytona last week, Larson's car flew into the fence and was torn apart, injuring 28 fans.

Converse Kids Shoe

AVONDALE, Ariz. Like a pair of magnets, five time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson and newcomer Kyle Larson could not get away from each other during Saturday's Nationwide Series race at Phoenix.

Converse Kids Shoe

Converse Kids Shoe

Converse Kids Shoe

While the two were racing, Larson said he allowed himself to think, "Man, I'm racing Jimmie" on a couple occasions. Mostly, though, Larson said "he's just another I'm trying to get by."

not, because we were battling for, like, 12th," Larson said with a chuckle.

After the race, Larson lingered by his car perhaps waiting to see if Johnson Converse Kids Shoe would approach. But Johnson did not; after finishing interviews, he walked away without acknowledging the younger driver.

Converse Kids Shoe

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