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Issue personal apologizes to groups that were offended by his comments

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Converse Gold Rose

´╗┐Future Controversial Statements Could Lead To Dismissal

The two stated that Gee comments or actions sometime detract from the university core value and message.

Using his voice to set the standards of civility, inclusion and collective aspiration to Converse All Star High Tops Burgundy

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they would take Gee progress, which they stated he already had begun at the time the letter was sent, into consideration during his annual Presidential performance review process.

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Converse Gold Rose

The board asked Gee to do the following:

According to the Converse Gold Rose letter, dated March 11, trustees stated that Gee actions and words have often had the opposite effect than the one originally intended.

Gee spoke about conference expansion in the recording obtained by The Associated Press. He said Notre Dame "wanted to have its cake and eat it, too."

none of us expect this to be the case, should future instances take place, they could constitute cause for even more punitive action, including dismissal, and the board will have no choice but to take such action, Schottenstein and Shumate wrote.

and every day, as a critical part of your role as President, you are called upon to serve as the University chief spokesperson, ambassador and champion upon wide ranging sets of audiences, said board chairman Robert Schottenstein and governance committee chair Alex Shumate. on occasion, your words that may be intended to ring a bit of levity to some significant issues have, in fact, the opposite effect. There have been occasions on which your comments were insensitive and inappropriate and have offended others.

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Converse Gold Rose

The recording of Gordon Gee speaking to Ohio State's Athletic Council also captures him saying the Notre Dame priests who run the university are holy on Sunday and "holy hell" the rest of the week.

Review prioritization of time, with particular focus on a more targeted selection of the most appropriate speaking engagements and appearances


Seek the assistance of a professional who could assist with revisiting personal communications and speechwriting processes

10TV News obtained a letter from Converse White Shoes With Jeans Men

The board stated that Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Low White

the Ohio State University Board of Trustees on Friday that outlines the corrective steps for President E. Gordon Gee to take after making controversial statements regarding the Big 10 and Catholics.

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Engage a coach with particular expertise in helping him facilitate and foster a healthy, open and diverse 21st century higher education institution with global presence and voice

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bring people together

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