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"We're seeing 'repeat customers' now," he said.

"They aren't learning," he said.

see the exact same thing. The causes of a fatal accident are repeating in front of our eyes."

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"We go back out there and Converse All Star Shoes White

Understandably, McDonell and the local law enforcement patrolling Hwy. 138 have had enough.

"We've educated enough, our discretion or tolerance will be reduced for speeders, cell phones and seat belts."

LONG SAULT Ontario Provincial Police Inspector Mike McDonell said another serious accident on Hwy. 138 is inevitable Converse Collection 2017 because Converse Shoes For Men Price

"I ask everyone I stop if they've read the Standard Freeholder. Do you not see all the attention this issue is getting? Do you not know people are complaining and there's a problem with this?"

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Converse Collection 2017

In other words, those policing the roadway are out of patience.

"We pick up the pieces, we notify next of kin, we deal with the grief, anger and sorrow when there's a fatal accident" he said.

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Converse Collection 2017

There's a callous recklessness amongst the drivers of Hwy. 138, McDonell said, a disregard for other people.

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Converse Collection 2017

"We'll keep trying to educate and we'll keep trying to be visible out there, but one thing that will change is our discretion."

Education doesn't seem to be working.

´╗┐Frustrated with drivers who 'aren't learning'

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didn't catch on, you're getting the full fine."

"Three weeks ago, I caught a man doing 80 km/h in St. Andrews and doing 109 km/h in the same place yesterday. I said 'you Converse All Star Leather Brown

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motorists aren't listening.

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