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Regions with the lowest rankings in the study were the Middle Atlantic and east south central states, which include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi.

Thaxton said improvements to downtown, the new events center and the Sanford Sports Complex all are examples of visible, long term investment made in the community.

"I don't know about many other places and the things they've done, but looking at Sioux Falls now compared to 10 years ago, I can tell things are headed up," said Bill Thaxton of Sioux Falls. "The city was always nice overall, but it just feels like every time I watch the news, another major project is in the works that makes life better for everyone here."

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South Dakota's region as best place to live in 2032

The news that the region is expected to maintain allure for Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker Boots the next two decades shouldn't have been a huge surprise for state and local officials. A recent survey conducted by the city showed more than 80 percent of Sioux Falls residents felt the city was headed in the right direction.

8. Middle Atlantic: New York, New Jersey, PennsylvaniaA recent Gallup study shows that South Dakota and its neighbors Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas have made bigger strides in tackling unemployment, financial worry, health care costs and education challenges than their counterparts throughout the country, positioning those states to be the best places to live in 2032.

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´╗┐Gallup study touts Converse Black Womens Sneakers

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Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker Boots

Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker Boots

Huether cited progress downtown as an example of that, with more than $100 million in private investment since the city announced an $8 million improvement project along the river greenway.

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shining example of the rewards that come from a business community that invests in the future as much as the municipal government.

Pat Costello, South Dakota's secretary of economic development, wasn't surprised by the results of Converse Australia

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Converse Chuck Taylor Sneaker Boots

Community foundations in South Dakota and the upper Midwest with strong public and private partnerships, such as Forward Sioux Falls, helped push the region's states to the top of the crop.

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People in South Dakota and the west north central region also are more enthusiastic about their communities and the future there and are most likely to have easy access to clean water, the study shows.

"We've got a very reasonable tax structure, with no state or personal income tax," he said.

"Public, private partnerships have driven Sioux Falls, and it's in our DNA right now," he said. "When people hear about the multimillions of dollars that the private sector puts into a campaign to market a town, they can't believe it. Because usually that's done with public funds, but here, the vast majority of the dollars come from the private sector."

the study, citing an inviting tax climate that's thought to have played a big role in insulating South Dakota from some of the economic woes other states have encountered in recent years.

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"One of the things that we benefit from in South Dakota is a very stable state government," he said. "From a fiscal standpoint, we've always balanced our budget, and we expect to continue to have very strong reserves."

Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether said Sioux Falls is a Converse All Star Leather White Hi

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