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Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

"We're very interested in services that county councils are dropping, particularly the evening and Sunday services," he said.

Sophie Allain, bus campaigner for the Campaign for Better Transport, agreed that the cuts would have an impact on many Norfolk residents.

Numerous routes across Norfolk are affected by the plans.

"It means that people can't travel around by bus, so if you haven't got a car they can't travel where you need to go.

due to industry cost pressures.

The 45 coach from Foulden to Watton will cease to run on Wednesdays, while the First 1 from Martham to Caister, Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft will run only every two hours in evenings.

"Probably at this moment it's a secondary factor that we need to save money from our budget, but I wouldn't say that's a driving factor," he said.

"We understand councils are under pressure to make savings, but bus cuts are a false economy once you take into consideration the knock on effects of reduced mobility and will lead to more money being spent elsewhere, for example in welfare and social care," she said.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

"The county council has said it wants to cut transport carbon emissions by 25pc by 2020. Goodness knows how they're going to do that now."

The Simonds 336 service from East Harling to Garboldisham will also withdrawn from March 31.

Norfolk has been promised 480,511, more than any other county, while Suffolk was given 362,143.

resident, Danny Douglas, recently launched a not for profit transport group called Go Ride and said that he hoped to enter negotiations about taking on some evening and weekend services in the county, but that negotiations had not yet begun.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

The council announced that the Ambassador 731 service from Rackheath to Great Yarmouth via Acle, Stokesby and Filby will only run as a college service from April 10.

"For young people and working people it's not good at all," he added.

´╗┐Full details of Norfolk bus changes revealed

The government announced more than 10m of new funding for community transport in rural areas yesterday and pledged more to Norfolk than any other county in the UK.

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"There's not that many people travelling on some services and we just need to tighten up a little bit. "I don't think there's any examples where the only service in the village is gone," he added.

"What the councils are doing is withdrawing their subsidies on any services outside of the day.

Norman Baker MP, minister for regional and local transport, said the money was intended to "kick start the development of community transport services".

The council said in a statement that the changes were due to a reduction in funding from central government, and that some alterations were also Converse All Star White Ox

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

A host of other services Converse Shoes For Women White

were also reduced in Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia frequency or had their routes shortened to cut out some towns and villages.

Daniel Yellop, a transport official from Norfolk County Council, said there were several reasons behind the cuts, which reflected passenger demand on services.

Norfolk County Council put a positive light on the changes as news emerged they were also to receive 480,000 from government to fund community transport projects.

The Anglian 002 from Rockland St Mary to Loddon will be withdrawn completely fromApril 3, due to low passenger numbers.

The NJE Taxi Link service from Bacton to North Walsham will also be cut due to low passenger numbers.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

It was announced this morning that the money would be distributed around the country to provide transport to a range of centres and services including schools, hospitals and clinics and youth clubs, which will go some way to offsetting the reduction in bus services.

But Ms Carlo, added: "We've been led to understand that the county council was not going to make major cuts to bus services and obviously this flies in the face of that.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Indonesia

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