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Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

I watched and listened to his address to students at Columbia University in New York on U Tube via the internet. He went to Gaza after the Israeli bombings to give aid to the striken people from the war.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

Al Qaeda has links to the latter extremist jihadist groups who ultimately want to see worldwide domination under Islamic law.

Hamas is the elected political party representing Converse All Star White Leather Trainers

It was unfortunate that a Palestinian doctor who was for peace, not war, lost his wife Converse Pink Sapphire

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

This is all Galloway is saying. Why does the Harper government not want us to hear this information?

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

proposal for peace in the Holy Land. With the Easter season just over, it is significant to reflect on the Eight Beatitudes of Jesus. The seventh particularly applies in this context: "Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the Children of God."

I have read the book by former U. S. president Jimmy Carter titled "Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid". This is a very thoughtful book with a lot of insight into this problem in the Middle East. Hamas, Fatah and the Palestinian Arabs are not theocratic bigots who want to impose a barbaric form of Sharia law on their people like the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan or the Wahhabi Muslims in Saudi Arabia.

The Jewish Defence League, a right wing Zionist movement in Canada, lobbied the government to keep Galloway out because they do not want Israel to give Palestinians the political rights they were warranted by the U. N. Charter dividing Palestine between Israelis and Arab people.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

There are many Israeli and Jewish people who agree with Jimmy Carter on this solution for peace. And there are many Palestinians who also agree with the Carter Converse Shoes For Women Black

There is no indication from my reading of the news reports that Mr. Galloway has any links Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada or sympathy with Al Qaeda or other jihadist terrorist groups. His main sympathy is only with the Palestinian people who want a political settlement so they can live in a country beside Israel under their own governance.

´╗┐Galloway should have been allowed to speak in C

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

and two daughters in the Israeli bombing of Gaza. He was recently welcomed at Toronto airport by liberal or moderately minded Muslim and Jewish people. He is starting a position teaching at the University of Toronto medical school. N. in 1949 when the nation of Israel was created out of Palestine.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

the people of Gaza. It is unfortunate that the Gazans did not elect a Fatah party government as the Palestinians of the West Bank did. Hamas has carried out terrorist attacks on Israel, but the retaliation by Israel in the bombing of Gaza was disproportionate to the suicide attacks and random shelling of Israeli towns.

In my opinion, George Galloway, the maverick MP from the UK should have been allowed to speak in Canada.

Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Canada

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