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of stores. A number of John Cheatle branches have since been sold and some have now been closed. Would save us all having to get ripped off paying expensive prices for shoddily made clothes!

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Converse Casual Shoes For Men

Don like to see any business suffer in the present economic climate, Well said Mark Bainbridge, but surely the administrators should have some brains between them and not look to close down a predominantly seasonal outlet just prior to it best month of the year, when the kids are going back to school? Is it just me or can you also smell a rat?

Converse Casual Shoes For Men

Nigel Morrison of Grant Thornton said: "The Schoolware Solutions branch in Lincoln is continuing to trade although if a going concern buyer cannot be found this is unlikely to be long term.

The Schoolwear Solutions branch in Lincoln, where two members of staff are currently employed, is continuing to trade, however, the administratorssay it unlikely it will continue.

Administrators are rolling out closures from August, 2014.

Paul Ekins:

Converse Casual Shoes For Men

August 16, 2014 at 7:42am

"Since entering administration, we have continued to trade the balance Converse All Star Ox Black/Grey Leather Trainers

cheap jumpers with the badge sewn on I once bought 4 jumpers and the school badge was different on all of them whether they be placed different or sewn in wrongly it the same with book bags they all look different school wear solutions is much better quality which is why the price is slightly higher I prefer quality over quantity and the polo shirts are also rubbish quality I never thought you Converse Casual Shoes For Men could go wrong but it clear the durability of school uniform from school wear solutions last so much longer that those out of uniform direct

Converse Casual Shoes For Men

John Cheatle Limited and John Cheatle (Midlands) was taken over by joint administrators Nigel Morrison and David Dunckley of financial and business advisers Grant Thornton UK LLP in April 2014.

to "Andy Kent"? I beg to differ you are describing Schoolwear Solutions, hence why they are facing closure. I have shopped at uniform direct for the past twenty years for my children and grandchildren and found the quality excellent, staff very helpful and most of all the uniform is affordable. I stopped going to Schoolwear Solutions when they were at the top of High Street, the staff were snooty and looked down their nose at customers and made to feel my school and my custom was not welcome, besides the prices being shockingly high. I was really relieved when there was at last an alternative, and a local company at that, supporting our local economy. Definitely better quality. XJuly 31, 2014 at 9:38pm

July 31, 2014 at 5:50pm

The future of a chain uniform shop on Canwick Road in Lincoln is unclearas administrators already closed 53 branches across the UK.

Converse Casual Shoes For Men

Converse Casual Shoes For Men

Converse Casual Shoes For Men

´╗┐Future unclear for Lincoln uniform shop in administration

It a shame they have much better quality than uniform direct, uniform directs jumpers are just Converse All Star Shoes Buy Online

Jason Smith:

August 1, 2014 at 6:44pm

Their too dear anyway so who cares their a rip off.

the recession over mr Cameron I don think so.

Converse Casual Shoes For Men

Converse Casual Shoes For Men

A going concern sale (without an interruption in operations)of the whole business was not possible and the group management has only managed to save 27 out of 80 branches.

August 1, 2014 at 2:53pm

Kizzy Jade Mccan:

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