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Kate's Place has enough money to continue operating until the end of this month; after Converse Black Womens 8.5 that the future is in doubt.

Mansbridge admits it wasn't easy at first, learning to relax and trust everyone. But when she did she found support from other women and the staff who are on call 24 hours a day.

"They're getting the help that they need to address those issues so that it not a perpetual in and out of jail recidivism type deal," Carlson commented. "Most of the women living here have been in and out of jail Converse Dark Grey Fur

Mansbridge sees Kate's Place as a safe haven from drugs and alcohol.

Alexandria Mansbridge is only 23. Last year she was arrested three times for selling drugs to support her addiction to crystal meth. Today she's clean, confident and looking for a job. She says Kate's Place made all the difference.

At Kate's Place, Mansbridge and all Converse All Star Shoes Outlet

"It just really saves lives," she said, sitting in the office at the apartment block above All Nation's Hope on 5th Ave. and Rae St. "I think if I wasn't here I probably wouldn't be sober today."

"You can talk to them at 3:00 in the morning if you want to. That how great the staff is," she said.

At 23, Mansbridge got offered her second chance early. By the time she was referred to Drug Treatment Court in July 2013 for selling drugs, she had lost everything.

Talking about her struggle seems to come naturally in this space, which doubles as an office and a kitchen for the staff. It's probably because she has spent hours talking to the workers there when she needed them.

the other women have a buffer zone with a network of supportive people to stop them from falling back into their addictions.

The supportive women's residence is an alternative to jail: women can serve community sentences there, take addictions treatment, and get their lives back on track. The Converse All Star Sneakers For Unisex

´╗┐Funding is in doubt for Regina drug addiction housing program

The drug addicted women who come through the doors of Regina's Kate's Place often need one last chance to turn their lives around. Like those women, the program itself is in desperate need of support before it's too late for it to be saved.

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She points out that living on your own when you are an addict can lead easily to temptation, because you can't stop your old drug friends from coming over at all hours of the night.


"My family didn't want to be around me because I was using, I had no real friends," she said.

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two year pilot project, run through the Regina Drug Treatment Court and managed by the Salvation Army, was established with one time federal funding; that has now expired and the provincial government is reviewing a new application to decide whether or not to keep it open.

for many years due to their drug addiction."

"Lots of the women including myself didn't have a safe home to live in."

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Carlson explained that Kate's Place applied for new grant money from the provincial government in December, but that application is still under review.

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Former addict Alexandria Mansbridge inside her apartment at Kate's Place. Adriana Christianson/CJME

"So we're hoping that, because of the success of the program, that we will have continued funding from another partner that has been involved throughout the two year process."

In its two years of operation 40 women have come through the doors, several bringing small children with them. For $250,000 a year Carlson said they can feed and house 11 women and their small children at a time in bachelor suites. The money is also used to pay staff to be in the office around the clock and to provide extra life skills classes to help these women get back on their feet. Carlson says housing them in the community and helping them transition back to a normal life is cheaper than the cost of putting them behind bars.


The federal government put up $500,000 through the Homelessness Partnering Strategy in the spring of 2012 to fund the program.

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The two major partners for drug treatment court are the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Social Services. Other partners include Saskatchewan Health, the Regina Qu'Appelle Health Region and Justice Canada.


Addicted to drugs and driven to crime in desperation to get their next fix, women who are arrested on drug charges have two options: go to jail or get clean and serve their sentence in the community. If they choose option two they can go to Kate's Place, but maybe not for long.

"It's really hard. I would never wish this life upon my worst enemy. The hardest part is getting clean I think," Mansbridge commented. "People say 'Oh, why can't you just quit' ? But it's not that simple. For me the disease plays tricks with my head and ito tell me, 'Yeah, you can just go use one more time it'll be okay.'"

The building is set up somewhat like a college residence with 11 bachelor suites and tiny kitchens, but for the people who live there it's a safe, quiet place to call home.

Amanda Carlson is the Managing Director of Kate's Place for now. She explained at the time the federal government made it very clear that the grant money was for two years only. The government also doled out money for housing projects through Drug Treatment Courts in cities across the country. Regina and Toronto are the only two that are considered successful and still running. Carlson said that success means that they have a high rate of keeping women in the program to complete drug rehab and helping them graduate from drug treatment court by finding a job.

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