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Converse Black Leather White Sole

´╗┐Funeral Jason Crisp US Forest Service K9 Maros Marion

When deputies went to Whisnant home they found his parents, Ronda and Levi Whisnant, dead inside. There was also evidence of a struggle, and a missing vehicle, according to the sheriff office. Wednesday.

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Converse Black Leather White Sole

On Thursday afternoon, the hearse bearing the body of Jason Crisp was part of a long procession of local, state, and federal law enforcement vehicles that drove from Winston Salem to Marion.

Earlier in the day, law enforcement officials determined that Whisnant was involved in a hit and run accident at a private residence and later stole a wrecker.

Whisnant shot and killed Officer Jason Crisp and K9 officer Maros during a manhunt after the bodies of Whisnant parents were found in their home on Wednesday morning.

He refused and pointed a firearm at them, investigators say. The deputy and troopers returned fire.

an investigation of the shooting incident.

in Marion, where he lived. A tribute and funeral was held on Monday afternoon at McDowell High School.

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After Whisnant was released, records show he went back to a life of crime.

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Furthermore, the judge recommended substance abuse treatment and psychiatric and/or psychological counseling.

According to investigators, Whisnant was on the run after allegedly killing his father and step mother, Levi and Ronda Whisnant. The couple was found inside a home along the 5500 block of Fish Hatchery Road.

Both troopers and two ALE agents have been placed on Administrative Duty, which is standard operating procedure, as the State Bureau of Converse Black Leather White Sole Investigation Converse All Star Leather Ox Low

Records show that Whisnant was convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 1996 and was sentenced to serve 25 to 39 months in prison.

According to Burke County Sheriff Steve Whisenant, preliminary autopsy results show that 38 year old Troy David Whisnant shot himself in the head when confronted by officers.

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Forest Service Officer and his K9 partner during a manhunt in Burke County on Wednesday.

He abandoned the wrecker and attempted to break into a nearby shed. The homeowner dialed 911 after seeing Whisnant run from the shed into a heavily wooded area, investigators told WBTV.

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The judge also stated that the "Defendant has a history of psychological/psychiatric problems. His assignment to a facility that can address these problems is strongly recommended."

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He served a little more than two years behind bars, according to officials.

During the search, officials say Officer Jason Crisp and his K9 Officer, Maros, came across Whisnant, who shot and killed both officers.

Officials said Whisnant violated probation. In 2012, a Burke County judge ordered him to return to prison for a minimum of 11 months.

Investigators say Whisnant stole Officer Crisp service weapon and continued to run.

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Whisnant was also struck by a bullet from one officer.

An Avery County Sheriff deputy and troopers assigned to Burke County, who were near the shooting, attempted to save Officer Crisp life, but were unable.

Whisnant was spotted along a stretch of roadway and ordered to the ground by two troopers and an Avery County deputy.

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On Friday, Maros was cremated and returned to McDowell County with an escort from law enforcement.

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A private visitation was held for Crisp on Sunday night Converse Yellow And Black

According to court documents, in 2010, Whisnant was charged with possession of stolen goods and property and financial card theft. He served time then was placed on probation.

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