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Buyout: If he leaves before the end of his contract, Polian must pay Nevada his base salary ($450,000 prior to 2014; $525,000 after 2014) for each season he did not finish. If he leaves prior to Jan. 1, 2015, Polian must pay Nevada an additional $1 million.

New Wolf Pack football coach Brian Polian's base salary starts at $475,000 per season, but he gets an automatic increase after two seasons and should make around $600,000 per season over the life of his five year contract.

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´╗┐Full details on Brian Polian

Personal evaluation: The contract states that Polian will be evaluated on four factors, including: 40 percent on competitiveness; 40 percent on academic and rules compliances; 10 percent on institutional goals, including diversity and citizenship; and 10 percent on program administration. The website said Wilson will join the staff in an off field capacity.

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Polian will hold a press conference this afternoon, which will be his first Q session with the media. We ask about the coaching changes, among other things.

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Academic bonuses: Polian will get $25,000 for a NCAA APR score of 940 and $15,000 for an APR score Converse White Mens

12 season tickets in football, four season tickets in all other sports and a country club membership not to exceed $10,000.

Television bonuses: Polian will get $15,000 per national television game played on a weekday and $25,000 per national television game on a weekend up to a total of $75,000.

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of 960. He'll also get $5,000 for each NCAA Academic All American.

The RGJ obtained Polian contract, which is being reviewed by the Nevada Board of Regents this morning for final approval, and here are some of the highlights.

Guaranteed money: Polian will make $475,000 in base salary but will get $50,000 more in television, radio and personal appearances and an additional $10,000 for hosting events. That will bring his guaranteed yearly salary to $535,000.

Russ Earle:

Season ticket bonus:Polian will get $10,000 for every 5,000 season tickets sold above the 10,000 level.

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Brian Polian will become the highest paid coach in Wolf Pack history if he reaches a couple of easy incentives next season. (Tim Dunn/RGJ)

Perks: Polian will get free car usage, Womens Converse All Star

Huh? Dtich diggers get paid less than pampered actresses who make millions. so what? Its a FREE market, he entitled to make whatever the market demands. He making alot less than most top program coaches. Its a bargain. And by the way, Presidents run for power, not money and when they retire they make millions and millions for speaknig apperanaces and books. Any PResdient makes a LOT more than a football coach at any level.

Salary increase: Polian will get an increase in base salary from $475,000 to $525,000 prior to the 2015 season. That will push his guaranteed salary to $585,000 in the final three season of his deal. If Polian completes all five seasons, he'll make a minimum of $2.825 million (or $565,000 per season).

The Wolf Pack also has lost offensive line coach Darren Hiller to Cincinnati and defensive line coach Barry Sacks to Cal, leaving five openings on the staff.

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January 12, 2013 at 12:35 am

I find this salary just insane. He is being paid far more than even the President of the United States and doing work that is far less important. It is a sad state of affairs in this country when a sports coach is paid this much. Where are the priorities in education and I find it absurd that my tax dollars are being spent on this. Especially when the University cut programs due to lack of funding but can pay this kind of money for a football coach. I have to say that as good as UNR is, they are not a Notre Dame type football school and even there I think this kind of money is too much. I hope he is generous in giving back but I am not counting on it.

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Title bonuses: Polian will get $100,000 for a Converse Best Seller conference Womens Converse All Star Ox V Mono Trainers

January 12, 2013 at 12:45 am

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Early termination: If Nevada fires Polian prior to the end of his contract, the Wolf Pack would owe Polian his base salary for each year remaining on his contract.

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title and trip to a BCS bowl game; $50,000 for a conference title without a trip to a BCS bowl game; $15,000 for a bowl game appearance; $15,000 for being nationally ranked at the end of the season; and $10,000 for winning conference coach of the year honors.

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