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Detective Inspector Ged Seddon from St Helens Police said: "This type of crime is despicable; victims of distraction burglary can suffer terribly both emotionally and physically and can seriously

"I would also ask that people keep an eye on who is visiting or knocking of the doors of their elderly or vulnerable neighbours."

The best defence against a bogus caller is to have a viewer or spy hole and a stout door chain fitted to your door.

Converse Beige Collection

Converse Beige Collection

A genuine caller from these utility companies will be able to quote these numbers.

Converse Beige Collection

'Water Boards' no longer exist, it is an obsolete phrase used only by bogus callers.

"It is vital people remember to check the identity of any stranger who calls at their home, genuine callers will not mind waiting.

to come back another time when you have someone else with you."

If the caller claims to be from the electricity, gas or water company, ask them to quote your customer reference number.

Many utility service providers like gas, electricity and water, provide password schemes for customers, sign up to these.

doubt, keep them out'.

Converse Beige Collection

Converse Beige Collection

Always make sure visitors to your home are who they say they are by asking to see their identification.

FOLLOWING a series of burglaries when thieves posing as officials have made their way into people's homes, police have issued the fresh warning, 'if in doubt, keep them out!'

"I would urge residents to be extra vigilante when answering the door to strangers no matter who they say they are. People should always ask to see identification before letting anyone into their

Remember to close and lock the back door before answering the front door.

Converse Beige Collection

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type of people may pretend to be an official or may just ask for a drink of water or if they can use the toilet. Remember 'if in

Ensure that if you do let somebody in to your home, that you Converse Beige Collection close the door behind them distraction burglars often work in teams, where one will distract you whilst others sneak in through

Don't keep large quantities of cash at home, put it in the bank where it is safe.

When unannounced callers claiming to be from these utility providers call at your door they should know the password if they are genuine.

Converse Beige Collection

"Residents should also make use of door chains if they have them, make a call to the organisation the caller claims to be from to double check who they are, and if you are still in doubt, ask them

Converse Beige Collection

A genuine caller should not have any problem producing their ID.

Converse Beige Collection

local directory or provided independently by your service provider.

Do not let people into your property that you do not know. These Converse Womens Shoes Nz

Many people who call at your door are genuine but some are not. Therefore it is vital to take precautions when people call at your home:

If you're not sure who is at your door, don't open it. Police, Council or Gas, Electricity, Water companies.

Converse Beige Collection

´╗┐From St Helens Star

and should not be worried about offending them.

Use the telephone numbers listed in your Converse All Star Dainty White

Do not use any telephone numbers provided by the caller, as they may be bogus.

Converse Beige Collection

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