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"Hopefully by Sunday we'll have a coach," said Gagne, adding there are five or six candidates in the mix, several of them local. "It's not something you want to do fast.

Who will be guiding the team Gagne assembles? That should be announced soon.

He's worn the GM tag before, in the inaugural season for the Cornwall Comets (2004), of the now defunct Quebec Senior AA Hockey League.

The team added prospective players at last Saturday's draft, including some with local ties such as Jason Lepine and Billy Ulrick.

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"You have to know there will be some chance of them playing here. A guy like Jason Lepine, he's not sure what he's doing, or where he'll be, but if he's here, he will consider it."

"Guys that showed no interest, or said no, I just crossed them off the list.

His current gig? General Manager of the newest incarnation of the Cornwall River Kings.

"I made sure everyone we drafted, we'd talked to, and they showed Converse All Star Womens Slip On some interest in playing here," said Gagne. "That doesn't mean they'll all play here guys have options, but at least there is some interest, depending on what happens for them.

"I've been around Quebec senior hockey for about 10 years, I'm pretty familiar with the league," said Gagne, who has been busy since being officially introduced as the GM at a press conference last Friday, pulling the trigger on a few trades.

we won't be able to keep some guys."

Converse All Star Womens Slip On

Converse All Star Womens Slip On

Converse All Star Womens Slip On

"We've done some interviews already, and we'll probably do some more. We have time, so that's nice."

According to Gagne, the budget is "tight, but manageable."

"There will be a few more trades, I'm sure," said Gagne.

Unlike last year, when the team was revived just days before the season began (under an ownership group headed by David Small).

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Yes, Gagne was involved with that edition of the River Kings, and yes, he does believe the LNAH can be viable long term in the city.

"It's all about Brock's budget, and keeping the team here."

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Of what fans can expect of the 2014 15 edition of the River Kings, Gagne said: "We'll definitely be younger, but we expect to be as tough, if not tougher. And the core of the team will still be here."

"we want to keep the (Francis) Lessards, the (Loic) Lacasses, the (Sasha) Pokuloks, and to do that, Womens Converse All Star Dainty Athletic Shoe White

The Kings will enter their third season in the Ligue nord americaine de hockey, with their third different owner. Brock Frost is now the man Converse Shoes Buy Online Australia

´╗┐Gagne trying to build a winner

"Oh yeah, I definitely think it can work," he said. "The revenues for advertising have to change, and hopefully they will next year. We're going to have to be creative the next three to four months, to go forward."

signing the cheques, taking over the team when it appeared to be done. But it's Gagne's responsibility to shape Converse All Stars Sale Outlet

Converse All Star Womens Slip On

Converse All Star Womens Slip On

Converse All Star Womens Slip On

If Quebec senior hockey is in the city, it's a good bet Mitch Gagne is involved in some capacity.

Converse All Star Womens Slip On

LNAH teams can't start signing players yet, but will be able to next week, which is when Gagne and Co. will really get to work.

the roster.

"We have some verbal agreements with some guys. I've talked to a lot of them, and some have said they definitely want to play here. That's nice to hear," said Gagne, who has attempted to talk to all of the River Kings players, and has spoken to most of them.

Converse All Star Womens Slip On

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