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Converse All Star White Leather Shoes

Converse All Star White Leather Shoes

An imperfection of the Nokia 808 lens is their relatively long minimal focus distance. This means that even in macro mode, the PureView is unable to focus on anything that's less than 20cm away from its lens. Its macro capabilities aren't nearly as good as those on some competitors, but you can, at times, make up for that if you use the zoom.

the Galaxy Camera just won't slip into a pant pocket. At 128.7 x 70.8 x 19.1 mm, the Samsung digicam weighs a rather hefty 300g. Keep in mind that it's 19.1mm at the thinnest part. It gets to 34mm at the lens, while the grip is 28mm.

Converse All Star White Leather Shoes

Converse All Star White Leather Shoes

resolution for still photos is 38MP in 4:3 mode and 34MP in 16:9 mode. Yet, the PureView mode is likely to be most often used, giving you the enormous benefit of pixel oversampling and the impressive loss less digital zoom.

Converse All Star White Leather Shoes

The 1/1.2" image sensor has 41MP resolution, but the maximum Converse Yellow And Black

The Galaxy Camera also has the biggest and highest res viewfinder ever to be found on a camera. So, most users would be more than willing to forgive the fact that Converse All Star Black Rabbits Low Top White Canvas Shoes

Overall the great versatility of the zoom lens is enough to give the Galaxy Camera an advantage in terms of optics, but the Nokia 808 PureView has a clearly superior sensor. It would be extremely interesting to see how those two compare in our tests.

´╗┐Galaxy Converse All Star White Leather Shoes Camera vs

It's a proper grip though, with a pleasant rubbery finish, providing a secure hold. Another thing to note is that the lens barrel and the grip are nearly level, so the device is Converse All Star Black Leather

The Galaxy Camera Super Clear LCD next to the 808 PureView's AMOLED

Converse All Star White Leather Shoes

reasonably comfortably to use for things other than photography, such as browsing pictures or the web, or any of the countless apps available for Android.

Converse All Star White Leather Shoes

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is a digicam proper and it expectedly offers a few more manual settings (aperture, shutter speed). There are less restrictions too (variable aperture, focal length, 21x optical zoom). Actually, the zoom length is what places the Galaxy Camera above the mainstream point and shoots.

The Nokia 808 PureView makes a different choice but AMOLED makes perfect sense on a phone. The 4" nHD (640 x 360 pixels) display is based on Nokia's ClearBlack technology and, although the resolution is far from impressive, the screen tops our all time sunlight legibility chart.

Converse All Star White Leather Shoes

An interesting thing to note is that while the two contenders have equally bright F/2.4 lens when used in their default wide position, the Galaxy Camera lens maximum aperture drops all the way to F/5.9 when you zoom in. A smaller aperture (indicated by a larger F number) lets less light pass through the lens, so the Galaxy Camera is forced to up the sensitivity to make up for that. The higher ISO settings mean more noise though, so it's not like it doesn't come at a price.

Depending on the resolution selected, you can zoom up to 4x (but just 2.2x in 8MP mode) without sacrificing the picture quality. You can do the same with the videos, and the digital zoom there jumps to 12x in 360p, but only stands at 4x for FullHD footage.

Converse All Star White Leather Shoes

Converse All Star White Leather Shoes

Now let's look at those screens. Samsung used a 4.8" HD Super Clear LCD unit of 1280x720 resolution, which is better than anything we've seen on a camera in terms of both size and resolution. LCD is probably the right choice for a point and shoot camera too, considering the oversaturated colors on Super AMOLED that could affect your judgment of the scene and choice of settings.

Converse All Star White Leather Shoes

Converse All Star White Leather Shoes

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