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"It's going to significantly impact our being able to provide justice for the people," she said. "This is not somebody crying wolf. This is reality. Smaller Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Navy

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government means people are not served."

But Hubbard said he had no desire to see the House wrestle with a furlough bill only to see it die in the Senate.

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hundreds of state employees who wouldn't otherwise be laid off might be, because of tight budgets. That would mean more painful cuts in services for state residents, he said.

furloughs, likely will force her to lay Converse All Star Trainers Sale off hundreds of court employees. The court system employed about 2,480 people last fall.

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MONTGOMERY A furlough bill that a top aide to Gov. Robert Bentley says could save the jobs of hundreds of state employees next year likely will die for lack of support in the state Senate, its sponsor says.

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´╗┐Furlough bill that might save hundreds of Alabama state employees' jobs likely will die

He said those employees pointed out that Bentley is pushing for a bill that would make public employees pay 2.5 percent more of their salaries for pension coverage, and is pushing to cut the state subsidy for public employees' health insurance by 5 percent next year.

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The Legislature is on a two week break, but meets again May 24.

Speaker Mike Hubbard, R Auburn, leader of the House of Representatives, said he favors giving state department heads the power to order furloughs.

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Orr said he and other senators heard from many state employees who noted that furloughs would, in effect, cut the pay of affected workers.

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Perry said the Bentley administration supports the bill but doesn't expect it to pass.

"If I were presented with a choice of either losing my job and losing my health insurance and losing my retirement benefits or being furloughed a few days here and there, I would certainly take the furlough days," he said.

Alabama Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb said giving her the power to order furloughs could save almost 180 jobs in the court system.

State Finance Director David Perry, Bentley's top budget adviser, said that without furloughs, Cheap Converse All Star Ox White

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The bill would let department heads impose furloughs, unpaid workdays, on the employees of non education state agencies. Orr said the bill is intended to let agency leaders cut costs short of laying people off.

Cobb said spending cuts that lawmakers tentatively have budgeted for the court system in the next fiscal year, coupled with the inability to order Converse White Leather Rose Gold

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"They felt that with the adjustments in their contribution for their retirement and the adjustment being contemplated in their health care insurance, that another impact on their salaries was unsustainable," Orr said.

(Dave Dieter/ The Huntsville Times.)

"I am devastated to learn that the legislative leadership will not ensure the passage of the furlough bill," Cobb said.

"I would be highly surprised to see any furlough legislation pass the Legislature this session," said Sen. Arthur Orr, R Decatur, the sponsor of Senate Bill 236.

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