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A preservation society started with the objective of purchasing one of the closed lines to run as a heritage railway. Passenger services began in 1975.

At Sheringham station, which is the other side of the road from the mainline Bittern Line terminus, there is a museum signal box, children's activity coach, souvenir shop, buffet booking hall and ladies' waiting room.

Planned correctly, there should be time to get the mile or so from the station into Holt for an hour or two. But also make sure you spend some time at the station too. What really is worth a visit is the William Marriott museum, where a great deal of history can be gleaned, particularly about the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway. It's worth the 1 charge for adults, with children free, for the lesson.

Although steam services still run on the mainline, they are rare indeed and your average mainline train traveller today will hardly wax lyrical about their trip, mainly because it's a chore not a pleasure.

As well Converse All Star Sneakers On Sale as regular services, the Poppy Line also runs special events throughout the summer starting with a vintage steam rally on March 12/13 and including a visit from Ivor the Engine on June 11 12 and the ever popular 1940s Weekend in September.

There is a chance to help out with some of the improvements planned on the Poppy Line, such as the road crossing, in one of the charity bins provided.

On the station platforms, piles of old fashioned suitcases and historical signage help to complete the nostalgic atmosphere.

They also run driver experience days, behind the scenes tours, dining trains and murder mystery journeys.

The railway is built on the track bed of the East Norfolk Railway line which opened in 1880. ENR was taken over two years later by the Great Eastern Railway which, in turn, became part of the London and North Eastern Railway in 1923.

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First stop is Weybourne, where much of the oily and noisy works goes on in the carriage maintenance and restora tion centre. There will be many people of an engineering persuasion for whom this will be a highlight.

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It is quite something though to witness some of the rolling stock which is kept here, it gives a sense of perspective about how much goes on along the Poppy Line away from the simple tourist trips.

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Converse All Star Sneakers On Sale

The children's activity coach gives younger children the chance to sell tickets, ride in the carriages and drive the train, with some historical and practical education thrown in.

In comparison the word picturesque could have been invented for the Poppy Line. From the moment one steps into the headquarters at Sheringham to buy a ticket, the experience begins. The sights and smells are the same as they were for those who regularly travelled in the traditional way so many years ago.

The first glimpse of the sea can be caught at this point, which will elicit the obvious whoops of delight from children, even though many of them have seen the sea constantly throughout their holiday for the last few days.

Those who have memories of the great days of mainline steam train travel. And there are those, an ever increasing percentage of course, who do not.


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While waiting for your train to pull away, it's likely that you will see the engine being used to pull you and your fellow passengers switch ends.

to a branch line. In 1959 most of the west east routes in Norfolk were axed. Only the part from Melton Constable to Cromer remained, this finally closed in 1964.

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The line along the Norfolk coast was opened by the Eastern and Midland Railway in 1884 which went from Melton Constable to Holt, being extended to Cromer in 1887. In 1923 it came under the control of the London and North Eastern Railway who downgraded it Women's Converse Size 5 Uk

There are embankments which interrupt the view for a short time, but even at these Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Womens

will separate from the carriages, nip up past the waiting train and reattach at the other end. This is a first good opportunity to experience the thundering weight of these magnificent steam engines you can feel their sheer mass and power as they move off with that familiar, accelerating 'fuff, fuff, fuff'.

Today it offers a 10.5 mile round trip by steam train (vintage diesel trains on some journeys) through delightful North Norfolk countryside designated outstanding natural beauty.

The trip starts with a slow pull past the pretty Sheringham golf course and a quick hoot from the driver to alert anyone crossing the golf course access road that the train is approaching.

The western terminus is at Holt, by which time you will have travelled for around 25 minutes and a little over five miles. There is a London Routemaster Bus service meeting most steam trains in the summer and it is a joy to travel on if you want to complete the traditional transport experience.

Having pulled into the terminus in one direction, the driver Converse Black White Red

points there is plenty of wildlife, especially in the form of rabbits, butterflies and flora to see. The flowers along the line are a sight to see throughout the year. In spring and early summer there are primroses, bluebells and the yellow gorse. Later in the year the poppies abound and are set off by the mauve heathers.

Kelling Heath holiday park comes next, with the rolling landscape to the north opening again to arable fields and the woodland to the left hiding the popular tourist attraction. A tiny halt at the park provides access to the park through a request stop, although bear in mind that because of the comparatively steep gradient, steam trains do not stop here on the journey to Holt. Diesel services will stop if you ask them to and they all stop on the way back on request.

To the south are wooded hills and the Norfolk beauty spots of Kelling Heath and Sheringham Park. To the north, the sea. All within easy walking distance from the various stations.

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´╗┐Full steam ahead on Norfolk's railways

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It is only a nine mile journey from Wroxham to Aylsham but with the variety of countryside, the 17 bridges in cluding a 105 foot long girder bridge over the River Bure at Buxton, and the long tunnel under Aylsham bypass you a trip on the Bure Valley Railway can feel you have travelled much further during the 45 minute trip.

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