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If you happen to have Frito Kid photos not currently on the internet, send 'em to us! I've never seen a video so send those too.

The Frito Kid and his pal Klondike up in the shaft, really looked like something from Knott Berry Farm which had it Spanish maidens in waiting that you could take a photo with. Frito Kid seemed to be in keeping with Natures Wonderland at the time, with it perspectively done head frames and mine shafts up above Rainbow Ridge. Like the recently Lost Stouffers Tree mural on Mainstreet, the Frito Kid was probably lost when they expanded the kitchen. Decorating at Disneyland would have removed him and he may have been in their prop storage area at one time. I sent this to TonyBoy to see if he may remember where he went. Thanks for the memories. Rusty

Thanks guys. You know, we do this kind of thing, in part, to help spread knowledge to Disney employees. It not every day a guest asks a cast member something from Disney deep history. But in those moments it great for the guest to hear, "let me refer you to the cast member who knows all about that" or "yes, I know what you Converse All Star Hi Black Skull Lace Print

So now we know. Now we know a little more about something extremely Youth Converse Shoes Sale

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For some more Frito Kid history, visit Kevin Kidney.

´╗┐Frito Kid Mysteries Continue

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are asking about".

the bag from Casa De Fritos, and eat with a spoon. Probably someone in decorating knows where the kid is today. He not in the Mansion Attic. Their is a video of the Frito Kid and what he and the man in the mining tunnel would say when serving you on You Tube. Rusty

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Now to determine more exactly where he stood. At first I believed be backed up right against the Frontierland Shooting Gallery (Frontierland Shooting Exposition today). Side note: The Shooting Gallery was not an Opening Day attraction like some official Disney history publications claim. The Miniature Horse Corral preceded it. Ok.

On our Disneyland vacation in 1963, I encountered the Frito Kid. To my 7 year old eyes, this was seriously cool. My dad gave my sister and me a nickle each and we watched the Kid did his thing. I vividly remeber the Fritos coming down the chute and hearing his spiel. Truth be told, approaching the Kid was a little scary because you didn know what he was going to do, and this being the Magic Kingdom, I was sure that once the nickle went into the slot, he would come to life. I also recall that to us Nebraskans, Mexican food (even the relatively tame stuff at the Casa de Fritos place) was very exotic. Fun fun times. God, I wish I could go back in time a relive some of this.

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So where exactly was the Kid in this second location? This fantastic photo (thank you to whoever posted this online) shows where he stood. The architecture on the left still stands today. The wooden log structure around the figure no longer exists.

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At bare minimum, I think every cast member should know a basic history of the location they work. If you work at Space Mountain, you should know it wasn an opening day attraction. If you work at the Winnie the Pooh ride, you should know that Country Bear Jamboree once occupied that building. This is not too much to ask, in my opinion. In my years working in the parks, I knew few managers or cast members who felt this way. It a shame, really.

I remember remoldeling Casa De Fritos when we did Big Thunder in 1979. I believe that about the time Lowry Seasonings became the new sponser, as they had a great Mexican restaurand at their plant near WED where we used to eat. I remember people still loved the Fritios so they kept serving them, but the Frito kid was gone then. As a kid ourselves we used to open the Frito bag and pour our hot chili, salsa and onions into Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Rose Gold

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Looking at old photos and blueprints (blueprints that don happen to mention the Frito Kid) I noticed a hallway running behind the Frito Kid, between him and the Shooting Gallery. So he had to have been located a few feet away from the Gallery wall (with the mural), right about here:

obscure and quite insignificant. But isn't that what makes it great? Now you can go to Disneyland with your friends and whip out this bit knowledge and be the nerdiest one in the group. If you read this blog, there's a good chance you are already the nerdiest. We see that as a good thing.

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The Frito Kid and Casa de Fritos stayed in their first location just shy of two years. Though Casa de Fritos stayed in its second location for over 25 years (Rancho del Zocalo today), the Frito Kid was removed much sooner. I'm guessing his removal took place in the late 60s when Fritos corn chips stopped using Frito Kid as a mascot.

According to the cast member bussing tables, is nothing behind that door Also according to the cast member, Frito Kid Converse All Star Shoes White was never anywhere near this building nor was Casa de Fritos That ok, they don teach this stuff in orientation. I was happy to hear that he had at least heard of the Frito Kid/Casa de Fritos. So the odds are slim that anything from the Fritos setup still exists today. But maybe there's a utility box with a "Frito Kid" label on it? Or something? Someone let me know if this is the case.

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