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´╗┐Fucked in Park Slope

Unsurprisingly, the Kentile Floors model is selling out. Brooklyn nostalgia is hot stuff! Brooklynites old and new, here and abroad, just can't get enough of it. is a small way of saying [the Kentile Floor sign] is still there, Shulman said, presumably pointing at his heart. As long as it comes without the asbestos.

The Kentile Floors Sign's proverbial bed is still warm and the nostalgia mafia has already found a way to cash in. Boundless Brooklyn, a model shop and "certified Brookln Made brand," designed, built, packaged and has begun selling a minature model kit of the recently dismantled sign.

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BookMatch launched a couple weeks ago, and it a little form on the BPL website that you fill out to give the librarians an idea of your reading preferences. They aim to get back to you with a personal recommendation list in about a week. Since a ton of people are excited about it, it may take longer. You been warned. If you are at a loss of what to read in the meantime, I worried for you , but then again I one of those people who will read the back of the cereal box in a pinch so I probably shouldn talk.

Apparently I too am a lazy spoiled shit because I Converse All Star High Tops Red

FREE, 7:30pm 10:30pm

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Saturday, 8/30, US Open Viewing Party, Brooklyn Bridge Park: Every year I promise myself to haul my ass all the way out on the 7 train to Arthur Ashe Stadium and every year I think of about one hundred things I rather do. This year I gonna head on down to Brooklyn Bridge Park, snag a brew, and cheer on Agassi as he fights for the title he's still playing, right? FREE, 11am until match play ends

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am totally getting this app. A lot of pizza is ordered in our house, and I can explain why, but I fucking hate that task, from start to finish. So much discussion, so much to decide:

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It honestly doesn't matter what you do. Just get out there and do it. You have a 3 day weekend with which to explore, adventure, drink, staycation, or whatever your little heart desires. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and live it up.

The nostalgia bait model stands tall at 8 inches, or 1/132 scale for those of us who spend the time and energy to find the original sign's height and do the math (look at you, Brooklyn Paper), and is made of 100% recycleable material so you can feel progressive while bathing in nostalgia. was important to us that if the sign wasn around to see, we at least could honor that it was important for a lot of other people, said David Shulman co head of Boundless Brooklyn. Despite being from Florida, it appears Shulman really understands our borough; is there anything more Brooklyn that immortalizing the sign of an asbestos flooring factory using environmentally friendly materials? You can finally have your cake and eat it too thanks to Kentile Floors and Boundless Brooklyn.

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This is it, FIPSters. The last week of August End as we know it. Yes, I've mentioned our favorite vacation season's impeding doom a few times now. I'm really trying to drive the point home that you better get out there and do something before Labor delivers its knockout blow.

in the first place. Converse Chuck Taylor Ox Navy

Image via Brooklyn Public Library email blastAll right, they probably been there for a while considering librarians are usually pretty badass and also that the BPL tweets way more than I do. They come up with a way to combine one of their tried and true services giving personal book recommendations with the fact that sometimes we too damn lazy to leave our apartments and go talk to a librarian about books.

The only question left is, WHASSUP? Here's WHASSUP:

Let's try something here: write a comment on this article and let us know what your best/favorite summer experience was this year. It can be anything so long as you stepped out of your brownstone and had a gay old time.

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Five entitled Park Slope teenage boys (two of whom have already dropped out of college) came up with an app that provides one tap pizza delivery service, because, ya know, I mean, calling or going on the internets or whatever, to get pizza brought to your doorstep? That is bullshit!

Thursday, 8/28, Uke Night, Freddy Bar: Grab your tiny guitars what they are, right? get ready for a serious jam sesh. It this doesn rock your socks off, chances are you weren wearing socks Converse All Star Low Black Uk

Friday, 8/29, Ye Olde Wasabassco Renaissance Converse All Star Ox Leather Monochrome Fair and Stryptease Showe, The Bell House: I thinking armor, axes, swords, horses, turkey legs, knife throwing, jousts, and boobs it makes me feel weird. $20, 8pm doors, 8:30pm show

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