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Converse All Star Modern Australia

Next week's opening will be the world premiere of Converse All Star Leather Mens

hob nobbing with the A list.

think there would have been half as much effort made to prove her guilt.

Having tucked the world of British soap firmly under his belt with roles in Hollyoaks, Crossroads and Casualty, Toby Sawyer now has his sights set on Hollywood but he's already a dab hand at

award winning Samuels' play, which is based on a real life episode in the history of the notorious First World War spy.

Toby plays one of two French officers who arrested Hari in 1917. "It's set in an interview room, where Mata Hari is being interrogated," he explains. "My character is the more junior of the two,

What exotic dancer Mata Hari, born Margaretha Zelle in The Netherlands, was really up to during the war remains a intriguing mystery well after Converse Navy Men

and it's his first big job. He's really chuffed to have caught her, but he ends up falling for her and being rather manipulated."

Converse All Star Modern Australia

´╗┐From Hollyoaks to Hollywood From Richmond and Twickenham Times

in 1917. And it's great to be doing something based on reality."

Converse All Star Modern Australia

As if regular shoulder rubbing with huge stars isn't enough, though, Toby's still got an unfulfilled ambition based closer to home. "I'd like to do a TV drama for the BBC or ITV that would have to

Converse All Star Modern Australia

Hot on the heels of his film appearance Converse Suede

"Mata Hari was a very exotic, almost mythical character, and so is Greta she's a huge name but she's a rather elusive star, and people tend not to know where she's from, and that kind of"It's quite a coup to have her and it's great that she accepted this role great for the theatre and great for those of us in the cast with her!"

Converse All Star Modern Australia

Converse All Star Modern Australia

"I've spent a lot of time doing TV lately and it's great to be able to spend some time on a part," he says. "On TV you just go and do Converse All Star Modern Australia it and it's over but here I can really become a French soldier

Converse All Star Modern Australia

Converse All Star Modern Australia

Converse All Star Modern Australia

Converse All Star Modern Australia

the event, but she's become the ultimate icon of"She was a very raunchy and bohemian character, already notorious for her exotic dancing, divorce and prostitution even before she was accused of spying," says Toby. "If she'd been a bloke I don't

alongside Kate Winslet and Michael Caine in Quills, the young actor is now sharing the stage at Watford's Palace Theatre with none other than Greta"It was a perfect piece of casting," he says of Greta's leading role in Diane Samuels' latest play, The True Life Fiction of Mata Hari.

Converse All Star Modern Australia

Converse All Star Modern Australia

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