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"Doctors told me I only had 25 percent function of my kidneys," Gabe Griffin explained. If I got down to 15 percent, I would have to start dialysis."

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Converse All Star Leather White Womens

"During the separation, we realized how important it was to keep our family together," Gabe Griffin said. "And if we hadn't gotten back together, we probably would have never found out we were in fact a match."

"We have received an outstanding response from the community," Sheba Griffin said. "Gabe is well known in the community. He has always been such an humble person. The love we've received from the community has been so overwhelming. People who know us and even people who don't know us have just opened their hearts up to help. God is good."

A condition he inherited from both sides of his family, Griffin was just 25 when he discovered that he Converse Online

´╗┐Gabe Griffin fights his latest battle

The move in care also gave the couple a chance to bring up the question of donating once again.

"We're just overwhelmed with joy and we really appreciate how the community, our family and our friends have come together to help," Gabe Griffin said. "We're just so thankful."

and on from the time they were both very young. They tied the knot in 1997 after graduating the year before. Gabe, the eldest of three Griffin siblings, gained an instant family becoming not only a husband but also a father to Demetria's two year old son, Montravious.

Converse All Star Leather White Womens

not only suffered from serious high blood pressure but that the illness had significantly damaged his kidneys. Doctors immediately placed him on large amounts of medication to manage his illness.

"Doctors in Tyler definitely said it was a possibility, but we would have to undergo a series of tests to find out for sure," Gabe Griffin, Sr. said.

And perform they did. The team advanced to the state semifinals that year. Griffin, known for revving up the fans every Friday night, also ran track and in fact advanced to regionals in the mile relay his senior year.

Soon after, the young father took a job working at the local Home Depot. Considered the epitome of health, Gabe Griffin started noticing something wasn't quite right. He was having very intensive headaches.

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"I fainted one day in Super 1 and didn't even know it," Griffin said.

Known to his friends and family as "Gabe", the energetic youngster caught the eye of one of his fellow classmates, Demetria James, while the two were still in grade school. Only 26 days apart in age, they dated off Converse All Star Black Leather Ebay

"It was awesome; it was like daylight breaking in my life," Griffin explained of his call to the ministry. "It was like my eyes were now open. I saw life differently after accepting my calling. I now understood the things that I had been taught as a young child growing up in the church. Church has always been a major part of my life. Not only was my father a deacon, but my pastor had always been a positive influence on me as well."

The transplant surgery, now set for Dec. 19, is expected to cost upwards of $150,000. One pill Gabe will be required to take daily for the rest of his life costs $250. In just a short period of time, family and friends have organized a series of fundraisers throughout the community including BBQ food sales and a recent walkathon.

"The experience was awesome for me representing Mount Pleasant," Griffin said. "Our team had done well the year before so there were huge expectations for us to perform our senior year."

The young couple continued building their lives together raising a family. They welcomed the birth of their daughter, Demicya, in 1999. Three years later, in 2002, Gabe Griffin added Sr. to his name after the family expanded to include Gabriel Griffin, Jr.

Celebrating 15 years of marriage this year, the Griffins have not only survived a devastating diagnosis but also a two year separation. During that time, the youngest of the family, Tru, was born.

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That form of treatment lasted for two years before he had to begin daily peritoneal dialysis treatments. The relatively new process uses peritoneum in the abdomen to transfer fluids that are then exchanged from the blood. Fluid enters a tube in the abdomen and has to be flushed out daily. Griffin has undergone the treatment at home every night, while he sleeps, for the last eight years.

Converse All Star Leather White Womens

Following his initial diagnosis almost 10 years, Griffin was immediately placed on Baylor's transplant list. Due to health issues, most of his immediate family members, including his parents, were deemed unsuitable matches for donating. Although Gabe and his wife both had Type O blood, medical staff at Baylor initially told the couple that because Gabe's type was O positive and Demetria's was O negative she could not donate one of her kidneys.

"We were both attending NTCC and working at Lowe's Distribution Center in Mount Vernon," Gabe Griffin explained. "We were very young. And I had a lot of responsibility on me all at once."

Demetria Griffin is also thankful she is a match and will be able to donate a kidney to her husband. Now a kindergarten teacher for Texarkana ISD, Demetria will use the time during her Christmas break to recover from the surgery. Her husband's recovery time, however, will take several months.

After several years of receiving care at Baylor and waiting for a donor, the young father opted for care closer to home. for transplant surgeries, Dr. Potter, so we decided to begin going there. It would be a shorter drive; definitely more convenient."

Throughout his illness, Griffin has also maintained full time employment. In fact, he works upwards of 50 hours as an assistant manager of Home Depot in Longview commuting some 500 miles round trip each week.

At the time, his wife was taking an anatomy and physiology class at NTCC. "I had been looking in my textbook trying to figure out what might be wrong and to see Converse All Star Leather White Womens if there were some home remedies," Demetria Griffin said of her husband's yet unknown illness. "One day, he decided to take his blood pressure at Walmart and it was so high we went straight to the hospital."

"My concern is making sure my body accepts it," said the 34 year old father. "Once doctors are sure it does, all will be right with the world. I'm trusting God that everything will go well. I want to live a little bit longer so that I can continue enjoying my family."

Converse All Star Leather White Womens

Converse All Star Leather White Womens

Around that same time, he discovered that his Medicaid benefits had inadvertently been cancelled. After relentless efforts by a social worker, the Ladies Converse Uk 5

From there, the young father was rushed to East Texas Medical Center in Tyler. The final diagnosis was devastating.

benefits were finally restored and later the National Kidney Foundation began paying his insurance premiums.

Griffin also soon accepted another major responsibility during that same time. Always raised in the church, he answered the calling to become a minister.

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Converse All Star Leather White Womens

Converse All Star Leather White Womens

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