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The regular force came calling in 1995 and Parfitt joined, serving with the 3rd Battalion of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry out of Edmonton.

While he stayed home, his platoon lost three members and had eight injured in an April 2002 friendly fire incident. jet dropped a bomb on Canadians who were training at night.

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work as a Patricia," he offered. "War is a contact sport."

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"It was from my Converse All Star Modern Black Ox

Before he had a chance to deploy to Afghanistan with the PPCLI, however, he was told his hearing had deteriorated and he could no longer serve as a front line infantryman.

After moving to Cold Lake, Parfitt would finally deploy to Kandahar, Afghanistan, but as a postal clerk. As an ex infantryman, he would also conduct logistical patrols. On patrol in 2008, Parfitt injured his back. Again, he's reluctant to offer details.

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Parfitt was at the pointy end of the spear: The proverbial boots on the ground.

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serve wherever his country sent him whether it was in a war zone overseas or in a Canadian community devastated by a natural disaster.

"I was just like all our veterans: I wanted a part in the work that Canada does," he said. "To be able to go to Afghanistan and help people develop their education system and the rights of women. I wanted to be a part of all the things that we think of when we think of Canada and soldiering. It might sound a little cheesy or boy scoutish, but really, that's what called me to serve."

"I loved being a soldier and am proud to be Canadian and serve our past and our traditions," he said. "You can't just pay lip service to that there's a whole legacy there," he said. "Canadians for a long time have recognized the needs and demands around the world and that you have to get involved for good to happen."

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He served two tours in the former Yugoslavia and one in Afghanistan. In between deployments, his unit helped communities battle forest fires, recover from ice storms and dig out from beneath blizzards.

from being the front line army guy into logistical support."

As a soldier, Ray Parfitt was ready to Converse All Star Sale Online

His hearing held on well enough for him to stay in his role when Canada committed troops to Afghanistan in 2002. He was set to deploy with the PPCLI in the first wave of Canadians heading to the country, but a family tragedy kept him from making the flight.

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His time with the unit put Parfitt on the front lines of many of the Canadian Forces' efforts.

Throughout his teens, Parfitt interned at small radio stations in Northern Ontario, but when it came time to look at a career, it was the Canadian Forces he had in mind. With a hiring freeze in effect for the regular forces, he joined the reserves in Winnipeg in 1992.

After high school Parfitt went to college, studying radio and TV, but always knew that he would follow his calling and join the Canadian Forces' infantry.

Growing up, he saw the Canadian Forces as part of his family. His mother passed away when he was young, but his father could always count on the support of fellow soldiers as he moved from posting to posting along the DEW line. "That's how I came by it. All these people were good to my family and great to my dad people from all over the country. You might say I was born into the military."

In the former Yugoslavia, however, Parfitt's hearing was damaged. He doesn't want to get into the details.

"It was my guys who got killed at Tarnak farm," Parfitt said. "That was my platoon. I was set to be a part of the first wave there and then that happened. That was messed up."

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From taking care of families back home to getting mail to the soldiers on the front lines, there are a myriad of jobs crucial to making every mission successful.

Despite the tragedies both at home and abroad, Parfitt still wanted to make the trip to Afghanistan and serve. He waited for another opportunity Converse All Star Leather Low to deploy.

"I was actually part of the same unit that my dad was in during the war the Royal Winnipeg Rifles," he said. "I was really proud to wear the same hat brass as my father."

"Usually infantry guys stick around with infantry guys. I was on the pointy end of it all and then moved to the support side of it as a middle aged guy. I wrapped my head around it it's all one big team. There are friendly unit rivalries, but at the end of the day, you're all wearing the same flag and trying to serve to the same effect."

It wasn't easy news to take, but working with the military selection office, he found a new role.

"They made me into a mailman," he said. "They said 'Ok, you're a good guy and we still want you to serve.' And I came up here to Cold Lake in 2003. I'm grateful that the military, instead of giving me the punt, said 'You're still able to contribute.' They assisted me from transitioning Converse Toddler Shoes Sale Australia

What he was never prepared for was to leave the service early.

He couldn't have been more proud.

Parfitt was used to being in the thick of the action and never thought his career in the military would see him fill a role other than being a front line soldier.

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Ever since he was a young man, Parfitt could not contemplate doing anything other than following in his father's footsteps. The son of a World War Two veteran turned engineer, he grew up on Canada's Distant Early Warning line.

´╗┐From the front lines to the airwaves

In his transition, Parfitt came to learn just how much of a team effort it takes to run the Canadian Forces.

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