One Very Weird Commerical

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"I still have a lot of friends up here, and it feels like it's one of those places that we're all in it together, no matter where you come from what you do, what colour you're at. Who you are is

Converse All Star Leather Hi White

The instantly memorable Scooby Snacks, the eponymous theme tune Fun Lovin Criminals and the cheekily penned Big Night Out an ode to the many women that Huey and the Converse Navy Women

his band mates has just thrown against Converse All Star Leather Hi White the wall.

you just grow and change."

And how do people deal with his fame up here?

Converse All Star Leather Hi White

themselves with' in their early days of stardom.

Converse All Star Leather Hi White

Converse All Star Leather Hi White

"Well, when we first started out we played The Apollo in Manchester and Mary who used to work in the pub next door, let me work behind the bar because I used to be a bartender. On the quiet I

At 42, ex US Marine, Huey still carries a barely hidden, mischievous sex appeal. The kind of man capable of both corrupting and charming with just the arching of an eyebrow a ghetto Terry Thomas

to women, I like to talk and learn, I work with a lot of women now, and

Converse All Star Leather Hi White

Converse All Star Leather Hi White

At this point, with impeccable timing, the interview breaks off for Huey to take a call from his wife. Now a doting husband, has this newer, more mature perspective changed the bands direction at"I always knew that if we got the guys back in a room with their instruments, something would happen that was gonna be fun. we've been doing these

gigs for like 15 years now and you gotta keep up."

Head nodding and arm cranking just like the old days but this time many of the ravers are wearing babies on their fronts. People up here they get our jokes man and at first we couldn't believe that.

where you're at."

Does he still relish his reputation as a ladies man?

THE door of the trailer bursts open and Huey Morgan, lead singer of the 90s band Fun Lovin' Criminals ambles out, muttering in his laconic, lower East side Converse All Star Ox White Mens

band reputedly 'acquainted

When I catch up with the band they are playing at the Ben and Jerry's Sundae festival in Manchester and the combination of 90s music and free ice cream has drawn a largely family crowd.

drawl about the cashew nuts that one of

Converse All Star Leather Hi White

Converse All Star Leather Hi White

Fun Lovin' Huey hits the north From St Helens Star

"I was raised by a feminist. A strong, strong woman. Sure we had some crazy times in the band, on tour, but I like to listen Converse Uk Womens Shoes

started pouring so heavy and she found out and started yellin and screamin' get that kid outta here, he's a liability but make sure you get a picture of me and him first!"

Converse All Star Leather Hi White

Converse All Star Leather Hi White

Converse All Star Leather Hi White

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