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Lights flickering are also normal in strong winds, though Hopson said that doesn't need to be reported to the provider.

High winds caused widespread power outages across the city on Wednesday. The winds were also responsible for downing tree branches, bending a temporary cell tower and tearing a portion of roof off a housing complex in the Stonebridge Bridge neighbourhood.

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The winds are so strong in Saskatoon its knocked over vehicles as a big as a semi truck.

"Once the wind gets up over 60 kilometers an hour, it starts moving those chairs around a little too much to put people on them," he said.

The wind warnings are expected to end sometime Wednesday evening. In southeast Saskatchewan the gusts will continue well into the night and end later Thursday morning. Cragg said for the Regina area the gusts will start to subside overnight, and lower winds should continue into Thursday morning.

"If the driver senses that he is feeling that his trailer is swaying or his trailer is maybe getting into a sail effect he should be pulling over and waiting for the winds to die down," Rosseker said.

Power outages are normal in weather like this, said spokesperson Tyler Hopson.

"Think of a billboard, 53 feet long and it's a Converse All Star Leather Hi Top Vintage solid piece. There are no holes going through it or anything like that so the wind can't blow through it," he said.

Meanwhile, SaskPower crews were kept busy as the wind knocked out electricity in places across Saskatchewan.

Truckers in Saskatoon forced to pullover

Williams said so far the wind warnings look like they will only impact the ski hill tonight.

there's going to be poor driving conditions today to add with the wind," said Cragg.

"It depends which way the wind is blowing, whether its blowing at a 90 degree angle, what the load is. There is no real formula for whether it is going to blow a trailer over."

In downtown, the wind blew out the window on the Eighth floor of the Saskatoon Square building. Nobody was injured by falling glass but as a precaution the city closed down 22nd Street West between Fourth and Fifth Avenues.

Rosseker advised that for people driving smaller vehicles to leave room for semi trucks.

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"So, the wind hits against the side of the trailer and there's no place to go except straight forward and it will topple the trailer."

There isn't a lot of fresh snow around southern Saskatchewan, but even still, there will be snow blowing over the highways, which will make for some big problems when temperatures dip back down Wednesday night.

While the mild temperatures through the day would normally make for excellent skiing conditions, Don Williams at Mission Ridge Winter Park admits that the wind will force them to cancel night skiing.

Saskatchewan truckers stay in contact with dispatchers for up to date weather and wind conditions but executive director of the Saskatchewan Trucking Association Al Rosseker said drivers also rely on instinct and common sense.

"When the winds are high, it can cause Cheap Womens Converse All Star Ox

Converse All Star Leather Hi Top Vintage

some problems for us," Hopson said. "It starts to move power lines around and sometimes they come into contact with each other or trees or other things can touch the lines and that can cause outages."

"We're going to be looking at gusts up to about 100 kilometres in the warning area over the course of the day today," said John Paul Cragg, warning preparedness meteorologist with Environment Canada.

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´╗┐Gale force winds hit South Saskatchewan Wednesday

Crews were still able to repair the power lines despite the gusts, though Hopson admitted that with continued wind, power outages may happen again once the line is fixed. He also reminded the public that they should stay away from any downed power lines and report them to SaskPower.

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"We're going to see that snow blow onto roadways, and stick to the roadways, so Toddler Converse Sneakers Sale

cause damage across Saskatoon

Saskatchewanians will have to hold onto their hats Wednesday, or they'll blow away. Environment Canada has issued several wind warnings for most of the south and central parts of the province.

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Fire and police tape off an area where glass fell from the eighth floor of the Saskatoon Square building on Jan.15th, 2014. Kelly Malone/News Talk

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"Give them plenty of room because you just don't know what can happen. If you are pulling up to pass and there is a gust of wind that trailer can topple," he said.

Rosseker explained that trailers that are empty or carrying partial loads are at greater risk of the sail effect.

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