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Yet my idea will never happen because it is considered too left wing, too radical.

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are very pleased to have been able to take steps to enable these properties to include green features, which will assist in reducing the city's carbon footprint and reduce energy bills for tenants.

is a small but important step towards a much bigger programme which, over time, will significantly increase the supply of homes to rent at affordable levels and get more people from waiting lists into properties.

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The properties have six solar panels generating around 1,380kwh per year for each home, with energy monitors, high spec insulation, windows and doors, and state of the art heating systems.

So we will be back where we started, only slowing the problem slightly. If all 3000 houses on these sites were social houses then problem solved!

yet by the time the homes are all built in about 6 years there will more than likely be an extra 150+ people needing social houses.

There is a idea underway to build about 3000 homes on the Swanpool site and Skewbridge site yet only about 150 of those will be social. So lets do simple maths here people.

The five new council houses built in Lincoln for the first time in 20 years have been completed and are already filled up with tenants.

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I think that I am probably in the minority here but I am sick of the Council and it corrupt Councillors believing that the city needs endless amounts of private housing consisting of new builds. The city has had enough over the years and enough is enough. I know many people who need social housing and yet the system is broken. There are over 2700 people needing social housing in the city. They have to endure years of waiting and endless hoops to jump through yet the Council take 20 years to build 10 new houses and think that Converse All Star Leather Boots is ok. This is where you all say that it is not the Council fault, they had their hands tied thanks to central government. This is true to a point but only a small one. There was still many ways round the problem yet the Council allowed the situation to fester without even trying to head it off.

The houses, built by Lindum, were built to Code 4 of the Sustainability Code, which means families would be able save between 300 and 600 on their energy bills.

John Smith:

We would then only have about 150 people or so needing social houses or whatever amount needs housing from now till the houses are built.

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unliveable. We were poorly all the time and our furniture was damaged. I suffered four chest infections, so did my partner and the kids.

a scale of one to five, with five being brilliant, I probably give it a five. We haven been anywhere that nice and warm and cosy like this. It very well insulated the heat appeals to us the most because we came from a cold, damp environment. of Lindum, David Chambers, said: is part of a competitive framework with the City Council, and we basically contracted to build houses that needed building in this area. These houses are needed in this area for larger families, and these are three storey houses.

said: classed as a reliable tenant because I been in council houses for the last 5 or 6 years.

The families moved into the new green homes on Wellington Street, off Carholme Road, over the past week.

There is no problem with social housing if we build far more house and Converse All Star Sneakers For Unisex

council did checks, and felt because we had been on the bidding list for so long [6 years] we won the bid and they gave us this house. I was really, really relieved; it was a godsend. It couldn come at a better time. added: initially reported the mould issue in October or November 2010, and the council did certain steps to ensure we had slightly more comfortable living, like putting a de humidifier in the kitchen. However this didn really work. It took relentless visiting of the Council and putting our case forward to get here.

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As things stand we have 2700 (approx) people needing social houses and yet only 150 will be given homes on the Swanpool and Skewbridge sites if the idea goes ahead.

got one of these houses because we had an ongoing case in our old place with damp and black mould. It was completely Converse All Star All White Low

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Converse All Star Leather Boots

new houses have quickly become homes for the families and we hope to be adding more new homes to our housing stock in the near future. are more than 3,000 people on the council waiting list for council homes.

August 1, 2014 at 5:31pm

´╗┐Full tenancy for five new Lincoln council homes

So we will still have over 2500 people needing social houses.

Leonard Holt (38) moved into the one of the new homes with his partner and three children on December 10.

if we change the system to adapt to the modern society we live in and not the system of the past.

I may be more left wing than the hardest of trade unionists, being a Marxist dare I say it trotskyite. yet that does not mean my idea has no merit.

Council Leader Councillor Ric Metcalfe said: the families into their new homes just in time for Christmas is excellent news.

started being built in very difficult weather, and the finished product is quite amazing. I think we could all happily live in them.

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We should in this country stop pandering to elite middle classes with more money than sense and realise that the system of owning your own house and all that goes with it is flawed and broken.

The homes are part of the City of Lincoln Council key priority to increase the amount of affordable homes in Lincoln, and help those who struggle to afford high rent prices or a mortgage.

gone for a simple and straightforward design, with lots of features on the solar panels and some of the heating system. The families are probably saving around 300 per year each, minimum.

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