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"It's closed right now, but I will try to post the information as soon as some decisions are made," Butler said. As for The Veranda, Butler is not certain right now what to do.

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Whiteside, who opened his studio on Dallas' Inwood Road in the 1970s, became known for his object de art using the guilloche process and produced, among others, pieces for the Ronald Reagan White House which were presented to many dignitaries as Gifts of the State.

Converse All Star High Tops Black And Red

"And yet, he loved the place so, and our customers so, that it's difficult to think of it not going on as a part of him, as part of his legacy." Butler suggested that those interested in The Veranda's future continue to check Converse - All Star Womens - Red With White

"He really was a very nice man," said Barry Hamilton, owner of Hamilton's Jewelers in Mount Pleasant. "Our daughter, her date and some of their friends had dinner at The Veranda the night of her Pittsburg High School prom and Mr. Whiteside took the time to call us later and tell us what a nice group of young people they were," Hamilton said.

Converse All Star High Tops Black And Red

The inspiration provided by Faberge's work sent Whiteside into working not only as a goldsmith but also into maintaining the esoteric art form of guilloche enamel, which incorporates a mechanically engraved wavy pattern resembling moir silk on gold or sterling silver and then applying a layer of vitreous enamel and firing the piece at 1,450 degrees.

Converse All Star High Tops Black And Red

"I can't say what the future of The Veranda will be," said Butler. "Robert was so integral to The Veranda, especially the restaurant, that it will be hard to have it open without him there.

In the early 1990s, Whiteside purchased 68 acres in Franklin County and moved an old house onto the property. He began to completely remodel the house, adding guest suites, bathrooms, a wrap around veranda, a pool and a fishing pond.

In 1995, Whiteside moved his studio from Inwood Road to a specially built addition to what became The Veranda Bed Breakfast and Restaurant.

"And he also trained with several friends of his who are chefs in Dallas, including Christian Svalesen." In 2001, Warren Butler moved to the area as Whiteside's partner. "I worked the front of the house and Robert was the chef," said Butler. "He loved his friends and customers," Butler said quietly. "They were like family to him."

´╗┐Friends remember Whiteside as a man with many passions

But Whiteside was too interested in the world around him to stay on just one career path. "Robert was Converse All Star High Tops Black And Red an artist in every sense of the word," said Butler. "Although artist seems so insignificant to describe someone, it is such an encompassing description of Robert."

Converse All Star High Tops Black And Red

"He was interested in everything and everyone. He would become involved in the lives of our customers and he really cared about them. "He is going to be missed. Not just by me and his family, but by all of those who knew him," Butler said.

Although Whiteside never made a career move as a painter, he continued with his love of art, producing oils and Converse Modern Htm

Converse All Star High Tops Black And Red

Converse All Star High Tops Black And Red

"We thought that was such a nice thing to do," said Lana Hamilton. "Most people would not have made the effort to call each of the kids' parents and tell them that, but he did." "Robert truly was a good man," agreed Butler.

Converse All Star High Tops Black And Red

Along the way he also made forays into antique restoration and earning his single engine instrument's pilot rating. Converse All Star Chuck Taylor Ox

the Web site for further information.

Ah, yes, The Veranda Restaurant where Whiteside served as chef. "He attended the Culinary Institute of New York for a while," said Butler.

Converse All Star High Tops Black And Red

"It was hot, dirty work to remodel that place and Robert would come and sit on my mother's porch in a rocker and visit with Mother," Long said. "Because my mother taught music for years, she had a piano at the house and Robert would go in and play when he wanted to relax."

After graduation, Whiteside traveled to Boston where he studied musical instrument repair, which became his first career. "Robert was an excellent musician," said friend Robert Sterling Long, a Mount Vernon resident now residing in Dallas. "After he moved to Mount Vernon and began to redo the house that became The Veranda, he would come into Mount Vernon to my mother's (Dorothy Long) home when he wanted to relax," said Long.

watercolors, and then, using his ability to work with intricate metal work in repairing musical instruments, he moved into first goldsmith and then jewelry creations. In 1972, according to the Web site, he was exposed to the creations of Peter Carl Faberge, the 19th and 20th century goldsmith and jeweler to the Russian Imperial Court.

"Anything he wanted to learn" covered subjects ranging from music to cooking to landscaping for Robert Whiteside. Born in 1950, Whiteside was a Tupelo, Miss. native who was raised primarily in Texas. He displayed musical talent at an early age, playing the cello at the age of 13 and, according to a Web site biography, he went on to play the flute, oboe and saxophone before majoring in clarinet at North Texas State University in Denton.

"Robert had an insatiable interest in everything," Butler continued. "And he had the most wonderful knack of being able to pick up anything he wanted to learn"

Converse All Star High Tops Black And Red

Converse All Star High Tops Black And Red

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