One Very Weird Commerical

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Converse All Star High Tops Black

Pick a colour, any color, a budding local scientist asked her sample group for the United Counties Science Fair.

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´╗┐Future scientists put brilliance on display

Converse All Star High Tops Black

Gilmer swabbed areas of her school, and with some grown up help, had them plated and incubated for one to two days.

Needham said the driving force behind the project was simply to determine whether people would choose according to their preference.

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just what the naked eye can't see.

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Around the bend from Needham, 13 year old Erin Gilmer had her own eye catching bristol board inside the gymnasium at St. Lawrence Intermediate School.

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Staphylococcus, streptococcus, coliforms and pseudomonas were the culprits, Gilmer found. She even discovered e coli in sinks and Converse Usa Made

Converse All Star High Tops Black

"It would help Converse All Star High Tops Black if we have more sanitized surfaces, and people really need to wash their hands," said Gilmer, who offered two bottles of hand sanitizer in front of her project. "I basically did this to scare people into washing their hands."

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What 11 year old Madison Needham discovered was that when people were asked to select a handful of M candy from a large jar, the majority of the ones they selected would most often match their favourite colour.

Converse All Star High Tops Black

one I've never seen before. That's what this fair is about. That sense of wonder. The science fair gives the opportunity to explore that."

Gilmer, of Morrisburg, calls herself a bona fide germaphobe, especially after she went through last year's H1N1 scare. So, with the help of her medical mom, she took to the hallways, sinks, water fountains, pay phones and other areas at Seaway District High School, to find out Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ii High Top Unisex Shoe

Needham also took interest in how many of the participants selected a particular colour. Red was by far the most selected colour, she found, while nobody opted for the brown M they tasted different," she speculated. "They may have gone for taste rather than colour."

"It's really gross," Gilmer said of her findings, "but normal for a school."

"It's innovative and interesting, and that's what we're here for," said Tim Power, science fair committee member and past chairperson. "It's certainly Converse White Dainty Sale

on toilet seats and water fountains.

Converse All Star High Tops Black

She even had participants select one of two photos. One depicted a boy, and the other, a girl. The 12 participants, aged 9 70, all selected the photo that matched their own sex.

Converse All Star High Tops Black

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