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I get married in just under 4 weeks and they have decided to re lay our road this week, what a mess they have made of it too!

Chestnut Road; Church Hill; Clarkson Road; College Close; Connaught Avenue; Elizabeth Avenue; Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ii Reflective Wash High Top

Converse All Star For Girls Black

Regis Heath Road; Seedhouse Court; OLDBURY: Warley Road, July 27; Causeway Green Road, July 28; Farm Road, July 28; Bleakhouse Road, July 29; Brook Road, July 29; Edmonds Road, July 29; Hill Top Road, July 29; Kingsway, July 29; Queensway , July 29; St James Road, July 29; Langley Road, August 4; Malvern Road, August 5; Norfolk Road August 5; Oldacre Road, August 5; Harvington Road, August 5; Apsley Close, August 5; Apsley Road, August 5; Barston Road, August 5; Barston Road, August 5; Wheatley Road August 6; Wilson Road, August 6; Chestnut Road, August 6; Elm Croft, August 6; Warley Hall Road, August 6; Abbey Crescent, August 6; Mallard Drive, August 7; Parsons Hill, August 7; Romsley Road, August 7; Suffolk Close, August 7; Yardley Close, August 7 (Dates TBC) Barnfordhill Close; Basons Lane; Demuth Way; Hawthorn Croft; Highbury Road; Jackson Street; Knotsall Lane; Langley Crescent; Pool Lane; Westmead Drive; Woodgreen Croft

Converse All Star For Girls Black

Converse All Star For Girls Black

Crabtree Close; Elford Road; Gorsty Close; Graham Road; Haig Street; Hereford Place; Hopkins Close; Hopkins Drive; James Watt Street ; Jervoise Lane; Ladsbury Road; Lloyd Street; Lyndon; Malvern Close; Meadow Avenue; Mount Pleasant Street; Needwood Avenue; Orchard Road; Pembroke Way; Rideacre Road Industrial Estate; Salters Lane; Sandfield Road; Schofield Avenue; Shaw Street; Sheridan Street; Slaithwaite Road; Stanley Road; Stony Street; The Beeches; Thursfield Road; Whittington Close; Willett Road; WEDNESDBURY:

Kier Road; Kilvert Road; Lilac Grove; Longcroft Avenue; Moatfield Terrace; Moor Street; Old Park Road; Oldbury Street; Oxford Street; Park Lane; Parkside Close; Poplar Road; Price Road; Redhouse Avenue; Remembrance Road; Reservoir Passage; Richard Williams Road; Roberts Road; Sandpit Close; St Lukes Road; Sycamore Road; Terrace Street; The Oval

Coronation Road, July 30; Johnson Road, July 30; Cobham Road, August 3; (Dates TBC) Addison Close; Addison Road; Alma Street; Astbury Road; Canalside Close; Cedar Road;

´╗┐Full list of Sandwell roads planned for resurfacing Express Star

It now sounds like you are driving on a pebble driveway, I dread to have a look around my car to see if I have any stone chips caused by this, I can hear them bouncing up and hitting my car whenever I have to drive around our street.

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The date for the following to be confirmed: Beaconsfield Street ; Beeches Road; Bilay Lane; Bird End; Brook Street; Bustleholme Avenue; Byron Street; Campville Converse All Star For Girls Black Drive; Charlemont Crescent; Charlemont Road; Church Street; Connor Road; Cordley Street;

Road, August 3; Trotters Lane, August 3; Scott Road, August 4.

West Brom Bratt Street, July 29; Marsh Lane, July 29; Dagger Lane, July 30; Spouthouse Lane, July 30; Arlington Road, August 3; Ebrington Converse All Star Hi Black Suede

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Fairdale Close; Gillingham Close; Hackwood Road; Hardy Road; jockey Lane;

In my eyes it is nowhere near finished and and it seems they not bothered finishing around the drains/manhole covers correctly at all, now we are all asking ourselves if this is how its going to be left (even with the various potholes previously it was in a better state than it is in now!).

Converse All Star For Girls Black

Converse All Star For Girls Black

Waterloo Street East ; SMETHWICK: Brasshouse Lane, July 27; Dartmouth Road, July 27; Thimblemill Road, July 27; St Pauls Road, July 27; Blackthorne Road, July 30; Hales Lane, July 30: (Dates TBC) Arden Road; Barclay Road; Dale Street; Dawson Street; Firs Lane; Gladys Road; Holly Lane; Kelia Drive; Mansion Crescent; Salisbury Road; Sherwood Road; Sycamore Road; Vince Street; Wilson Road; ROWLEY REGIS: Cokeland Place, July 27; Newtown Street ,July 27; Stourdale Road, July 27; Harcourt Road, July 31: (TBC)

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Vicar Street ; Whitehouse Avenue; Whitley Street; William Green Road; Windmill Street; Woden Road North; Worleys Wharf Avenue; TIPTON: Groveland Road, July 28; Queens Road, July 28; Sheepwash Lane, July 28; Waterloo Street, July 28; Cupfields Avenue, July 31; Jays Avenue, August 3; Aston Street, August 3; Bloomfield Terrace, August 4; Hill Street , August 4

Converse All Star For Girls Black

Converse All Star For Girls Black

Union Street; Vicarage Close;

(Dates TBC) Albion Street; Elliotts Road; Hall Street; Lower Church Lane; Mayfair Gardens; Neptune Street; New Cross Street; Park Lane East; Converse Womens Shoes Au

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