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For her fellow commissioners and advocates at the Oregon Arts Commission, where she was hired in the late 1970s.

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Converse All Star Black Leather High

Salem in those years was "a perfect place for dropping opportunities at your feet," said Nancy, a tiny woman whose black turtleneck sets off her snow white hair and brilliant blue eyes.

The relationship Converse Jack Purcell Blue

See her work: Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Oregon Capitol, Salem Hospital, Oregon State University and other public and private collections; represented by Mary Lou Zeek

"She is kind and tenacious. That mixture made her an exemplary staff person in the state's public art program."

´╗┐friends through the decades

"It was the first opportunity to converse with someone who loved art and architecture as I did," she remembered.

events. Nancy met Bill, then a young architecture student at Berkeley, the week after she arrived.

Her father, a dentist, loved art; her mother played piano. They encouraged Nancy with piano lessons from first grade and painting lessons from seventh grade.

"I'm so grateful for them and a whole pantheon of teachers and people," Nancy said.

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Even more important, he said, is that Nancy is a "terrific" painter who creates daily at the age of 80 and continues to improve.

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"She's not a dabbler, not a Sunday painter, she's a serious painter," Terry said. "(Her paintings) are painterly, so miraculously constructed and put together. There's a clarity to her work."

For the army of volunteers who powered the Bush Barn Art Center during the 1960s and 1970s, when she taught, served on the board and eventually ran the place.

Early lovesNancy got her Converse For Girls 2017

was tested while he served for two years in Korea, then when she moved to Michigan to pursue her master's at the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art. They married in 1957, after Bill graduated. Once Nancy finished her graduate degree, they stashed their earthly goods in their Pontiac and drove to Bismark, where Bill was hired as a draftsman and Nancy taught art.

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"It was one of the most enlightening experiences," she said. "They would say, 'I really felt free during those two hours.' "

Asked to reminisce, she keeps coming back to thanks:

Awards: Salem's Award for Excellence in the Arts, 1977; Salem Family YWCA's tribute to Outstanding Women, 1993; Governor's Arts Award, 1995

Though she Converse All Star Black Leather High is loathe to take credit for her accomplishments, her many friends and admirers don't hesitate to list them.

"She can accomplish almost anything with a particular grace that would humble stuffed shirts," said Terry Melton, who directed the Oregon Arts Commission when Nancy led the Salem Art Association. He still talks painting and sculpture each week over breakfast with Nancy and others.

She went away to Mills College in Oakland, Calif., a girls' school that imported boys for social Converse Australia Womens

In the early 1970s, Nancy took up a new challenge teaching college level drawing, painting and art history through a University of Oregon program at the state prison.

Paul's Episcopal Church

When the Bush family's former barn burned the next year, the community rallied to remodel it to a gallery. The new building opened in 1965. Nancy recalls it as a place buzzing with children and adults, including students from the nearby School for the Blind.

For her late husband, architect Bill Lindburg, and their three children, who made it possible for her to be a local leader in an era when few women worked outside the home.

start during the Depression on the plains of North Dakota a place that still inhabits her soul and her paintings.

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Converse All Star Black Leather High

Bill, a transplanted Californian, eventually tired of minus 30 degree winters. Bill found an architecture job in Salem, and with two babies in tow, the young family moved here in 1962. Nancy soon was teaching for the Salem Art Association at Bush House, which then doubled as a historical museum and art center.

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Converse All Star Black Leather High

Converse All Star Black Leather High

If Nancy Gilbert Lindburg had her way, this story would not be about her half century as an artist and arts administrator in Salem; it would be about those who helped her along the way.

She'd bring ordinary things a tricycle or an egg beater for inmates to sketch, triggering memories of the world outside their walls.

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