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In its first year, it funded eight projects, among them a pill that reduces damage from X rays if taken several days before the test is done and an algorithm meant to help hospitals reduce the need for transfusions and preserve precious blood supplies.

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really wanted to give the opportunity back to the hospital community that has really worked so diligently to get us to where we are today, financially, said Liedke.

Liedke said SAH has tried not to be overly restrictive with the Converse All Star Shoes Amazon

Converse All Star Black Leather Hi

SAH posted its second straight surplus last year, to the tune of roughly $2.9 million. Of that, a $1.5 million targeted as a surplus had been earmarked for debt repayment, leaving $1.3 million to invest back into the organization.

After more than a decade of red ink, SAH is Converse All Star Sale Uk

reviewed by an 'innovation' committee.

´╗┐Funding innovation

Anyone in the community can put forward a proposal, but Liedke said part of the idea of the fund was to give staff, physicians, and volunteers an opportunity to reinvest some of the funds they have helped save.

Got a cracking idea that will improve the hospital for $1.3 million or less? Sault Area Hospital wants to hear from you before next week.

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parameters of the fund, to see what potential ideas are out there, asking that proposals be for 'innovation opportunities, including education and capital investment proposals that will continuously improve the quality of care and patient experience at SAH.'

SAH's committee, chaired by the Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre's Tom Vair, is made up of hospital staff, physicians, volunteers and community members.

The hospital decided to create an 'innovation fund' with ideas submitted by physicians, staff, volunteers and community members, and Women's Converse Size 5 Uk

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Converse All Star Black Leather Hi

SAH put out its first call for proposals in the fall and sent out a reminder Monday that people need to submit their ideas within the next week by Jan. 20.

looking for whatever suggestions may come forward, not necessarily one large one, said Liedke. hopeful there will be a number of opportunities that come to the committee. concept comes from the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre at University Health Network in Toronto which set up a similar $1.5 million fund and a 13 member committee of business leaders and health care experts that the Globe and Mail has called the 'Dragon's Den of health care.'

finally in the black and it wants to spend part of its surplus on something said Max Liedke, SAH's vice president and chief financial officer.

felt that after so many years of really having to tighten our belts and having to do things differently so we could move from that deficit position to a surplus position, we felt we should Converse All Star Black Leather Hi have some flexibility to reinvest those dollars, he said.

Converse All Star Black Leather Hi

what we're looking for are things that will help the hospital so really improve the patient experience and hopefully have a positive impact on hospital operations, he said.

The committee will review the proposals, rank them, and then request of the proponents a detailed work plan, timeline, financial breakdown and the project's intended result. The committee hopes to present its selections to the SAH board of governors this spring.

Converse All Star Black Leather Hi

Converse All Star Black Leather Hi

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