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Border Patrol agent stationed in Arizona, was tragically killed recently while on duty.

So how do you get started? First, you create a free donation page. This is an opportunity to tell your story.

money. For example, OUYA, an Android powered gaming console, recently raised more than $2 million its first day on Kickstarter and $8.6 million overall.

You can create a free personal donation website at GoFundMe in just a few minutes. You can raise funds for just about anything a creative project, a small business startup or a honeymoon trip.

Put some thought into explaining why you need the money and how much it means to you. You can easily share this page through email and social media to quickly spread the word.

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GoFundMe does deduct a 5 percent fee from each donation you receive (4.25 percent for certified charities and nonprofits).

Many people use GoFundMe Converse All Star Leather Hi Shoes

Last year, crowdfunding platforms helped artists, entrepreneurs and companies raise about $1.5 billion. Fundraising sites will probably double that number by the end of this year.

It's a great place to bring in money for sports teams, schools, charities and volunteers. The site even raised $46,000 to provide shoes for America's tallest man!

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Raising money online, or crowdfunding, is the new model for everything from music albums to video game consoles.

Thanks to crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, however, it's easy for regular folks to ask for help funding mission trips or covering unexpected medical and funeral expenses.

´╗┐Fundraising sites raise big bucks for charity

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to help friends and family members cover the cost of medical, veterinary and funeral expenses. One woman, for example, raised more than $134,000 for her brother's cancer treatment. The donation page for a wounded survivor of the Aurora, Colo., shooting reached $140,000 in a day and is now approaching $200,000.

GoFundMe has you set a fundraising goal, but unlike other sites you're under no obligation or time Womens Converse All Star Sneakers

Some crowdfunding campaigns make headlines periodically by raising jaw dropping amounts of Converse Best Seller

limit Converse All Star All White to meet the goal. Donations are transferred to you as they come in. Fundraisers aren't expected to give away freebies to backers.

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Billy Sanders, who worked with Ivie at the Naco station, turned to online fundraising to help Ivie's wife and two daughters. His Web page on GoFundMe raised nearly $30,000 in a few weeks and is well on its way to a $100,000 goal.

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