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and Converse All Star 2 Black brought royalty money back to the school.

The UNR DRI Technology Transfer Office has the job of getting that to happen more often. The office's director, Ryan Heck, says that creating a better relationship between UNR and Desert Research Institute researchers and the local business community is essential.

Both can benefit, and in turn, the area's economy can benefit, too.

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"We're going to rely on people in the community who know how to do these things, and the Technology Transfer Office is acting as the marriage broker to make these things happen."

Over the next few months, Entrepreneurship Nevada hopes to develop itself as a collaborative community resource for all entrepreneurial activities in Northern Nevada.

Reagents are basically molecules that help other molecules recognize each other. Once a reagent is discovered through research, a test can be created.

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This prompted Kozel and his team at the University of Nevada, Reno to look at ways to change how the disease is diagnosed and this research, in addition to saving lots of lives, provided a model that could be used to create jobs in Nevada, Converse Beige Sneakers

What a reagent?Before getting to the economic impact of commercializing research, let's delve deeper into what Kozel does.

"If you're a physician in Africa and a patient has walked 1 days to see a doctor and you do a test and then say, 'Come back for the results in three days,' they won't come back."

It's a process, though, that universities haven't done very well for years. This is starting to change, in part inspired by funding sources drying up and budgets being cut.

example, a PSA test looks for prostate specific antigen, but that PSA can't be seen unless there's a reagent that can see the target.

"We don't write business plans. I need help with that," Kozel said.

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Nevada and the state.

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´╗┐From the lab to the real world

Many options are out there for those in the Northern Nevada business community who would like to offer entrepreneurial help or get it. on the second Saturday of each month when entrepreneurs get together to discuss issues and offer mentoring help.

But there's much work to do without many resources available Heck's office has three people responsible for marketing 145 different technologies and managing patent acquisition for 109 patent applications.

Tom Kozel has been studying fungal meningitis for years.


Kozel's work might help with that, too.

Diagnostic tests look for something. For Converse All Star Ox Leather

Get or give entrepreneurial help

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Each Sunday, the Reno Rebirth section will analyze ideas to help the economy of Northern Cheap Mens Converse Trainers Uk

If volunteers from local businesses can offer small amounts of help, that can lead to big payoffs. To get this to happen, some faith and trust need to be restored.

A test with faster results would solve the problem. Kozel's research pointed in the right direction, but a business was needed to carry it forward.

"The key thing is it's a test that can be done at the point of patient contact," Kozel said about fungal meningitis.

It seemed like a rare disease until the Centers for Disease Control did some calculations and found it was killing about 500,000 people a year in Africa.

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