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Whilst the Football League, together with the Premier League and the Football Association, heralded the introduction of the Elite Player Performance Converse All Star Oxford

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The Premier League currently help fund youth development in the Football League and this has been increased to to be spread across the 72 clubs and is guaranteed for a four year period.

MoneyBut why would the Football League vote this in, I hear you ask? Why would Turkeys vote for Christmas? In one word, money. as Crystal Palace chief Steve Parish put on Thursday: "Football League clubs took their 30 pieces of silver."

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There will also be added payments, but even if a player goes on to make 100 Premier League appearances, only an additional could be due to the feeder club.

Whilst there is a claim that many top flight clubs will now gamble on additional youngsters from lower leagues, as one Academy director pointed out this week it also means that you could see a more blanket approach.

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The Premier League is keen to encourage the development of English talent, and at the right standard, to dissuade clubs from looking abroad for youngsters, and is also Converse Beige Leather

For a maximum compensation fee of just per player, there is little to stop any of the top Premier League clubs from signing up to 20 youngsters per age group, per season en masse with the hope of finding that one gem.

So whilst we all hope that the fears over the EPPP are misjudged and that October 20th, 2011, will be a landmark date that we all look back on as the day English football took control of its own destiny, the nagging fear is that damage may have been done.

The rules, which will now be implemented from next season, will see a new four tier system ranging from the best in Category One down to Category Four.

The Premier League, though, believes that two of the fundamental principles behind the EPPP will see top Academies no longer wasting their coaching resources and clogging up their elite systems as they will be recruiting fewer and better players.

In the short term the Premier League payments will guarantee youth set ups in the lower leagues remain, but after this four year period why would the top flight continue to back this? They will already have the rules in place to sign players from anywhere they like for minimal compensation and there will be nothing that the Football League can do.

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´╗┐Future of youth

However, the Converse All Star Black Shoes

If the Football League had voted against the EPPP then the Premier League threatened to withdraw this funding and this was seemingly enough to sway the vote, which was anything but unanimous.

Instead there will be a set awards system based on how long a player has been with an Academy per year for every year of a player's development between nine and 11, and between and per year between the ages of 12 and 16.

Many of the Football League owners/chairmen/chief executives have forgotten that they are mere custodians of their clubs, and for some short term financial gain they could have made a huge decision which they will live to regret.

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The main mandate trumpeted by the proposals is more hands on contact with young players, which nobody in football would argue with and indeed would applaud, but it is when you peel back the layers that the implications of the plans come to light.

But the biggest new ruling is that tribunals have been scrapped for players under 17, which means multi million pound deals for 16 year olds and under could now be a thing of the past.

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Category One will also have the advantage of signing players at an earlier age, whilst for them the 90 minute rule will also be scrapped meaning they can take on youngsters from anywhere in the country instead of a set region around the club.

Premier League believes that in the vast majority of cases the compensation a disposing club will receive will be higher than under the current system.

Clarke also argued that he wanted Football League clubs to embrace their community and go with local talent, yet on the other hand agreed to the decision to scrap the 90 minute rule which previously stopped youngsters being plucked from under the noses of local clubs.

Being in Category One means you will need to have an annual youth budget in excess of and have 18 full time members of staff as well as residential provision for players. Therefore, if you can afford to be in Category One, you will be considered one of the best.

The Premier League has driven the proposals through its director of youth, Ged Roddy, whilst Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Aston Villa plus several other clubs also played their part in putting together the new scheme.

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And that is the problem with the EPPP. Whilst most, indeed the majority, of the plan is admirable and should be embraced by all of English football, why is there the need to tie this in with fees for players and the need to make it easier for Premier League clubs to sign who they want?

Plan, many have voiced their concerns and dismay at the new rules which will now govern youth football in England.

Nobody is arguing that Premier League clubs do not already pluck the best young talent from the Football League but now they could be able to do it easier, and more importantly for them, a lot cheaper, although the model could lead to clubs paying more.

Just 46 of the 72 voted for the new system; hardly a landslide win for Football League chief Greg Clarke, who even confirmed the new scheme could very well see big clubs become Black Converse On Ebay 'more predatory'.

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keen to ensure the Football League remains vibrant and successful.

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